Seokgu can you interpret Hong sisters love Juyeon

Seokgu can you interpret Hong sisters love Juyeon


Actor Son Seok-gu will meet star writer Hong Sister (Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran).

According to News 1 coverage on the 13th, Son Seok-gu is likely to appear as the male lead in the new drama “Can You Interpret This Love?” (playwright Hong Jeong-eun, Hong Mi-ran/director Yoo Young-eun).

“Can you interpret this love?”‘ is a frustrating romance in which a man with a job interpreting other languages meets a woman who speaks love in a completely opposite way to him, misunderstands it, and understands each other in the opposite way.

It is a new work by star writers Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran, who have made hit works such as “The Best Love,” “The Lord’s Sun,” “A Korean Odyssey,” “Hotel Del Luna,” and “Hwan’s Soul.” The two artists, called Hong Sisters, are especially interested in this work as they revealed their strengths in romance. Producer Yoo Young-eun, who is in charge of directing, has a history of showing “Queen of Reason,” “Contract Friendship” and “Red Dansim” at KBS.

Seokgu said, “Can you interpret this love?”‘ He was offered the role of Joo Ho-jin, a fast interpreter. As a multi-lingual interpreter who is a genius in English, Spanish, and Japanese and is not common in the world, he gets closer little by little and enjoys talking to the top star actress

It is drawing more attention as Son Seok-gu is challenging romance in earnest. After appearing in Netflix’s original series “Sense 8” to make his face known to the public, Son Seok-gu was trusted by the public by continuously working on dramas such as “Mother,” “Suits,” “60 Days, Designated Survivor,” “Melo Is My Nature,” “D.P.” movie “Loveless Romance.”

Last year, it gained explosive popularity with the melodramatic eyes shown in the drama “My Liberation Diary,” and at the same time, it even showed the movie “Criminal City 2.” He is also expanding his acting spectrum by continuing his prolific career. While presenting the drama “The Murderer Oo Nangam,” the movie “Comment Unit,” and the play “The Army on the Tree” as the next films, “Can this love be interpreted?”Through ‘, you will be able to see his unique charm

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