“Ronaldo overtaking” Son Heungmin is EPL ranking. “Third.”

“Ronaldo overtaking” Son Heungmin is EPL ranking. “Third.”

Son Heungmin

Son Heung-min (29), who played so well that the enemy praised him in the match against Aston Villa, quickly jumped as the best Premier League player.

Son Heung-min was ranked third overall in the power rankings renewed by British Sports Mail on the 5th (Korea Standard Time) after the 7th round of the 2021-22 English Premier League.

The sports mail power ranking discloses the top 10 players, and Son Heung-min was outside the rankings and quickly entered third place.

Son Heung-min started the game against Aston Villa on the 3rd and was involved in Tottenham’s two goals, including one assist, leading to a 2-1 victory and three consecutive losses escape.토토추천

Son Heung-min is the only Tottenham player who ranks higher than Cristiano Ronaldo (10th) and higher ranking than Cristiano Ronaldo (10th).

After the game, Aston Villa manager Dean Smith praised, “There is a day when a player changes the game, and today there was an outstanding player named Son Heung-min on the field.”

Since then, the Premier League Secretariat and British media, including the BBC, have all selected Son Heung-min for the seventh round of the migration team.

Britain’s Daily Mail placed Son Heung-min in third place and said, “Son Heung-min led both goals, but he was not satisfied with this. I went all over the stadium to win the ball for 90 minutes, he said. “This is the beauty of a player named Son Heung-min.”

The two players above Son Heung-min are Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah and Manchester City midfielder Phil Forden.

The two players, who started the seventh round against Liverpool and Manchester City, made an impression by exchanging one goal each.

Like Son Heung-min, Foden quickly entered second place outside the rankings, and Salah remained first in the seventh round following the sixth round.

Salah is currently ranked No. 1 in scoring and No. 1 in most attack points with six goals and three assists.

Wolverhampton striker Raul Jimenez, who helped Hwang Hee-chan score both goals against Newcastle United, was ranked fourth after Son Heung-min. He jumped three notches following the last round when he scored his first goal of the season.

Ronaldo, who failed to score as a substitute in the match against Everton, fell from 10th to 6th. Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea), who has been scoreless in three consecutive games, including the match against Southampton, fell sharply from third to ninth.

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