Riot, let’s see who’s the best in Legend of runtera.

Riot, let’s see who’s the best in Legend of runtera.

Legend of Runtera
Riot Games will hold a season tournament on the 14th of the season of Legend of Runtera (LoR), a strategy card game based on the “League of Legends (LoL)” worldview.

The LoR season tournament is an international e-sports competition for top-ranked users in Asia (Korea, Japan), America (North America, Brazil, Latin America), Europe, Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines), and is held at the end of each season every two months.

This is the first tournament since the launch of the underground world’s turbulence, the last expansion pack set in Shrima, the southern part of the planet Runtera. It is expected that the participants will have a heated competition with a total of 43 new cards.

The “Underground World Turbulence” season tournament will start with the preliminary round of the round of 124, which will be held on August 14, and a total of 32 players who survived the preliminary round will advance to the playoffs on August 21. The total prize money is $20,000, and the final winner is $10,000 along with the honor of the season champion. All participants are entitled to the back of the limited card when recording three wins.

Qualifications to participate in the competition can be obtained in two ways: rank game and competitive mode, Guntlet. The top 700 players in each region’s ranking automatically get a chance to participate in the tournament. In order to qualify for the competition through the Guntlet, he can win seven games in the “Last Chance Guntlet.” However, since only 324 people are eligible to participate on a first-come-first-served basis, it is advantageous to participate in the weekly gauntlet.

The tournament will be held in an open round before the final playoffs, where 32 players are determined, and will qualify for the playoffs if they record more than eight wins in an open round of nine. Participants assigned as top seed according to the season rankings will be entitled to the same qualification even if they achieve seven wins. The match schedule will begin at 16:55 p.m. on August 21, and the final will be held at the same day.

In particular, attention is being paid to whether Korean players will defend their position in the LoR season tournament in Asia as the Korean player defeated the Japanese ranker Pisukaru in the final of the season tournament held in June this year.

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