Red Velvet’s Joy, pure white summer fashion

Red Velvet’s Joy, pure white summer fashion, “Snow”…”Peek your belly button”

Red Velvet's Joy

Joy showed off her outfit that made her feel cool just by looking at it.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Joy released several photos on her Instagram, drawing attention.

In the released photo, Joey coordinated a shirt that was so thin that it could be seen inside.

Unbuttoned, Joey showed off his skinny waist.

Joy’s innocence has been upgraded with white clothes that contrast with Joy’s black hair.

The ring and earrings that were given as points added cuteness.

Red Velvet’s Joy also showed off his microfiber legs with his short skirt.

Joy, who added coolness to the bottom of the same material as the top, smiled at the camera while posing in various poses.

Fans who saw such pictures of Joy responded, “Joy is pretty today as well,” and “Cute to show your belly button.”

Red Velvet's Joy

Meanwhile, the group Red Velvet, which includes Joy, released its mini-album “Phil My Rhythm” in March and performed music activities.

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