Ranieri who also wrote a fairy tale and won Leicester

Ranieri who also wrote a fairy tale and won Leicester returned after 31 years and completed his promotion


Once again, I wrote a fairy tale

Cagliari Calcio beat SSC Bari 1-0 in the final second leg of the Serie B promotion playoff (PO) held in Baristadio San Nicola, Italy, early on the 12th (Korea Standard Time). He succeeded in promotion to Serie A by making a combined score of 2-1 in the first and second rounds.

Coach Claudio Ranieri was at the center of the promotion. He has been at the helm of Cagliari since January. Cagliari, who had been in 14th place, moved up to 5th place. He has nine wins, eight draws and two losses in 19 games.

In the PO that followed, he broke down his opponents one after another. They beat Venice (8th) 2-1 in their first single match. Next, he met Parma (4th) and advanced to the final round by winning the first and second rounds 3-2 on aggregate. They had a 1-1 draw in the final first leg on the 9th. And in the second leg of the day, Leonardo Pavoletti’s winning goal in the second half of the extra time confirmed his promotion

It was an exciting promotion. It was not an easy road, but he defeated all the opponents he met. Ranieri is also from Cagliari’s home team. He took the helm from 1988 to 1991. He returned after 32 years and made the promotion of his former team. I wrote a perfect fairy tale.

Initially, Ranieri is famous as a director who wrote a fairy tale. He led Leicester City to the Premier League title in the 2015-16 season. At that time, Leicester were not a power to win the championship. However, he eventually made a new history, and the lingering feelings of that time are still talked about among soccer fans 안전놀이터

After that, the move was regrettable. FC Nantes (France), Fulham (England), AS Roma, Sampdoria (Italy) and Watford (England) have moved many teams. He failed to perform as well as he did in Leicester, and repeatedly replaced and appointed. But in the end, it created a fairytale promotion once again. Cagliari completed his return to the first division in a season thanks to Ranieri’s leadership

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