PSG to sign LB the last puzzle piece…The main character is Mendes

PSG to sign LB the last puzzle piece…The main character is Mendes, the Portuguese supernova.


Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has even reinforced the left fullback, which was the last puzzle piece.

On September 1 (Korea time), PSG said on the club’s website, “We agreed to rent Sporting Leftback Nunu Mendes for one season. The lease includes a purchase option,” the official statement said. According to BBC, PSG will have to pay 34 million pounds (about 54.2 billion won) to fully recruit Mendes.

Mendes is Sporting Sunggol Youth. He is a young resource born in 2002, but he played as a leading player in Sporting last season. Mendes, who had been called up to the first team since the 2019-20 season and played as a backup, played in 29 matches in the Portuguese Primera last season and strengthened his position.

It is characterized by a tremendous attack instinct. In the event of an attack, the team exerts force on the side attack with a movement that is as good as a winger, and dribbling, cross, breakthrough, and penetration are all good. Thanks to Mendes, Sporting was able to operate various side attack tactics.

He also has excellent defense skills. The fast speed allows the defense cover to be fast, and both intercept and tackle are excellent. He was praised for pouring out his capabilities in every game. Thanks to Mendes’ struggle, Sporting won the Portuguese league last season.

Mendes was also selected for Portugal’s senior national team and played at the UEFA European Championship (Euro 2020). Mendes is 19 years old, but he has gained a reputation by gaining a wealth of experience in clubs and national teams.

It was a perfect resource for PSG. This summer, Giorgio, Donnarumma, Giorgio. PSG, who had virtually been the main characters in the transfer market, has planned to recruit the left fullback as the last piece of the puzzle by recruiting Bainaldum, Ashraf Hakeemi, Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi.토토사이트

The reason was that Juan Bernat had no suitable resources. Bernat is frequently injured and needs backup. There is Lavign Kurzawa, but he failed to fill the Bernat void with disappointing skills whenever he came out. He also sent center-back Abdou Dialu out, but he was also of little help.

By recruiting Mendes, PSG eliminated another source of anxiety. After sending Pablo Sarabia to Sporting, the company has effectively taken the form of a swap deal. With a promising left full-back, PSG is likely to race even harder to become the European champion this season.

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