presbyopia cataract surgery correction principle

presbyopia cataract surgery correction principle


LASIK LASEK will eventually develop presbyopia, which will eventually lead to presbyopia cataract surgery or magnifying glasses But for presbyopia cataract surgery, most people can maintain their skills permanently, so if you do it once, whether you’re 60 or you need to get a job with your son in his 50s, your vision will last forever Noah is caused by cataracts Our lens is usually soft It’s like jelly. It’s soft

It becomes hard like a stone. It’s really hard, so I can’t control my 90 year old grandmother’s eyes because the lens is hard. Instead of focusing on jelly, it changes to hard, and we say that the lens is falling in love with cataracts, and that’s not how our eyes get out of focus It’s getting farther away because I can’t get close to Jum, so the presbyopia is call cataract. The initial symptom of cataract is presbyopia

The most envious eye is the uneven eye. If one eye is 1.0 and one eye is less than 0.62, then he doesn’t have a magnifying glass because he’s been close to it, but since he was a kid, he can’t even feel it in his eyes, and I don’t know, and 45 euros is about to shine in his eyes The eyes of the eye and family discord are a bit of twins, so one side of the eye is a bit itchy and the other side is a bit close

That’s what I’m going to do. That’s the purpose of my watch. I’ll make one eye zero for myopia or a comfortable hour, and I’ll look at 1.0 I’m going to make it 1.0 and the left eye is about 0.67. I can’t feel that my eyes are even. I might have to wear glasses to see the subtitles at the movie theater, but I’m good at posting them

If you tell him to come in, he’ll be less likely to go to John I have everything that’s close to my eyes, so if I make it like that, it’s okay not to use a magnifying glass until I’m 55 years old

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