“Polestar 3” is debuting on a global stage

“Polestar 3” is debuting on a global stage

Polestar 3

Polestar, which has been targeting the global high-tech pure EV segment market by reaching out from “root” such as Volvo Motors, will finally unveil “Polestar 3” for the first time in the world in October this year.

It aims to certify long-distance EVs that are equipped with dual motors and large batteries as pure EVs and can run more than 600km based on WLTP.

It will also introduce more advanced highway autonomous driving functions through the installation of ‘LiDAR’ sensors and centralized computing technology by Nvidia, a global leading company in the AI field.

Such “Polstar 3” will be released for the first time as early as early October with videos and images of real cars, and some countries will receive contract orders immediately from the day of its release.

Production will begin in 2023 and will be made entirely in the United States and China.

“Polstar 3 is a premium large electric SUV suitable for the era of electricity,” said Thomas Inenrat, CEO of Polstar. “Design identity has evolved more intensely and individually, reflecting ‘sports performance’ in SUVs, and will be a milestone to increase Polstar’s growth trajectory and guide it to the next stage.”

Starting with its first large-scale electric performance SUV, Polstar 3, Polstar has launched new cars every year for the next three years, continuing its roadmap to enter more than 30 global markets by the end of next year.

It also plans to sell a cumulative 290,000 units worldwide by 2025, up 10 times from about 29,000 units sold as of 2021.

Meanwhile, Polstar introduced its “Polstar 2” model in Korea in late April.

As a pure EV verified on the global stage, as soon as it appeared in domestic demand in the same month, it beat all existing players such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW to secure the top spot in the imported electric vehicle sales category. 안전놀이터

It is a pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) with the so-called “Polar luxury” concept, and the “Polar Star 2” has a one-time charging mileage of 417 kilometers and a zero-back of 7.4 seconds. In terms of design, it is evaluated as a “rival” of existing Tesla models as it aims for a “digital mobility modern” style that has no unnecessary steps.

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