Pokémon Go, New Esper Pokémon to Appear

Pokémon Go, New Esper Pokémon to Appear

Pokémon Go

In “Pokémon Go,” which is carrying out various updates for the “Joking Season,” it announced the arrival of a new Pokemon for “Esper Week.”

On the 1st, Pokémon Go announced the appearance of new Esper-type Pokémon “Okaying” and “Calamanero” during the “Esper Week” period from the 8th to the 13th through its official website.

Okayzing is a monster that appeared in the X-Y version of Pokemon that needs ‘special conditions’ for evolution. As a hint, non-game factors, not within the game, influence.

The evolutionary Kalamanero is a Pokémon with a rather threatening appearance and is worth posting on the “release list” considering the cute appearance of Okaging. However, since the original film had its own use, it remains to be seen what performance Pokémon Go will show.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Go is hosting various events such as “Joking Season” in September. In this season, various “preliminary events” will be held ahead of Halloween, including “Esper Week,” starting with “The Appearance of Hoopa” on the 5th.

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