Point to technology…Big Tech Amazon Increases IDC Efficiency..

Point to technology…Big Tech Amazon Increases IDC Efficiency with Korea Startup Technology

Point to technology

Global Big Tech Amazon will be able to increase Internet Data Center (IDC) efficiency with Korean startup technology.

According to industries on the 4th, Point to Technology, a company specializing in high-speed communication solutions, exported its network cable solution to Molex, the No. 1 data center network company in the U.S. Molex is planning to deliver Point-to-Technology solutions to Amazon’s data center.

Point to Technology is a semiconductor design (fabless) company established in 2014. It has unique technology in 5G and 6G network communication, next-generation cable network communication, and cloud data center products.

Point2 Technology said, “The data center network speed has been accelerated to 400Gbps due to the rapidly increasing traffic, but there are many limitations that it is difficult to solve with existing network solutions.”

For example, existing data center network cables support speeds ranging from 10Gbps to 100Gbps. On the other hand, the solution developed by Point to Technology`s has reduced the weight and volume of network cables by less than half and extended the transmission distance by up to five times. According to the company, power consumption has also been reduced by nearly 70% compared to existing optical cable products.

Point-to-Technology`s is planning to gradually expand its field of using its network cable solution.

Experts say that the use of network cable solutions is expected to be used in all areas that require communication, including data centers and electric vehicles, and that if this technology is used in electric vehicles, it can drastically reduce the weight of cars and solve various disadvantages of existing cables at once.

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