Pelosi Why did China pour live ammunition right under Taiwan’s nose?

Pelosi Why did China pour live ammunition right under Taiwan’s nose?


China Filled Only 126km From Taiwan

Last night, a rare video was posted on Weibo, a Chinese Twitter account. It was a scene where bullets and shells poured down like rain. The dark night sky was so bright that it was bright. This is a live-fire drill announced by China’s Pingtan Maritime Bureau on the 28th.

The problem is that the place where the shooting training was conducted was Pingtan Island, Fujian Province, China. It is the shortest distance between China and Taiwan, just 126 kilometers from Xinzhou County in northern Taiwan.

It has been two weeks since the Financial Times reported Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan on the 19th (local time). China’s pressure level is increasing. The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives ranks third behind the President and Vice President.

“Playing with fire will burn you to death”

On the 28th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaorizen said, “If the U.S. does not break its stubbornness, the Chinese military will not sit by.” It was interpreted as meaning that if Speaker Pelosi continues to insist on going to Taiwan, she may start using force.

On the other hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping even said in a telephone conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden on the 28th (East U.S. time), “Playing with fire will burn you to death.”

U.N. Representative Geng Shuang repeated the same thing at a Security Council meeting on the 29th. “要玩火焚自” (here, “焚서自은” is “Wanhuwatzpun” in Chinese, and “Wanhuwatzpun” in Chinese. It is an idiom derived from “Jwa’s Exhibition,” which means “Playing with fire and burning yourself down.”

I didn’t just warn you with words. China sent warships to the waters around Taiwan during Taiwan’s annual military training and Hankwang training held from the 25th to the 29th and sent military aircraft to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone several times. The 30-day live-fire drill on Pingtan Island is also an extension.

Weibo, the People’s Liberation Army’s press organization, even used the rather eerie term “battle preparedness” as it posted a video of its 95th anniversary.

Why China Blocks Her Visit to Taiwan

Why is China so sensitive to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan?

Professor Lee Hong-gyu, a Chinese political expert, said, “The director of the China Research Center at Dongseo University, and a professor of campus Asian studies at Dongseo University.

“China regards Taiwan as unrecoverable territory. Pelosi, the U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, represents the United States, which is second in line to the succession after the vice president, if you’re president of the United States. If you sit by and watch Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China recognizes Taiwan as a sovereign nation. This could also be a fatal blow to President Xi Jinping’s leadership, which is set to serve three consecutive terms.”

If Pelosi leaves her visit to Taiwan as it is, it means that the principle of “one China” that there is only one China in the world could be shaken. One Chinese principle is the concept agreed upon by the two countries during the establishment of U.S.-China diplomatic relations in 1979. One China that China thinks of is the People’s Republic of China, but the U.S. and Taiwan think differently.

It’s hard for both the U.S. and China to back down

Speaker Pelosi is somewhat cautious as China is literally running out of control. “I don’t always talk about my itinerary,” he told a news conference before leaving the country on the 29th local time. It’s because it’s a security issue,” he said, and on Twitter posted on his departure on the 31st, he also announced only Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan as destinations, but did not mention whether he would visit Taiwan.

Did he cancel his plan to go to Taiwan? However, it would be burdensome for the Democratic Party of the United States to bow to pressure from China ahead of the upcoming midterm elections in November.

In China’s Baidu and Weibo, news that Pelosi did not mention Taiwan on her Asian tour remains at the top of the search list. It means that the interest of Chinese netizens is that great.

In one way or another, it is difficult for the U.S. and China to readily back down. Tensions over the Taiwan Strait are likely to continue for some time until Pelosi’s Asian tour is over.

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