Paul Pogba out of Juventus. “13.5 billion annual salary games.”

Paul Pogba out of Juventus. “13.5 billion annual salary games.”

Juventus has decided to abandon Paul Pogba (29).

Paul Pogba

Juventus earned 100 million by sending Pogba to Manchester United in the past. When he was recruited again last summer, he didn’t spend a penny.

Although it made a comeback in six years, it continues to appear only on SNS, not on the soccer field. Juventus officials and fans are going crazy. The injured right knee shows no signs of recovery.

In the end, I made a decision.

Italy’s Gazeta Delo Sport reported, “Juventus is considering selling French national midfielder Pogba.”

According to the media, Paul Pogba moved as a free agent, but he failed to play a game this season due to a knee injury he suffered in the pre-season.

Juventus is outraged by this. Fans are also criticizing him for being “foolish.” Juventus is carefully considering terminating his contract with him, who receives an annual salary of 10 million euros. There is a possibility of selling it to the U.S. MLS team.

Juventus is expected to release Paul Pogba and use his annual salary to reinforce other resources. Lazio midfielder Sergei Milinkovic Sabic is in mind to sign.

He is a former midfielder Manchester United youth and moved to Juventus in 2012 as a French national Juventus soccer player. Fans’ attention was focused on winning four Serie seasons and experiencing one ucl runner-up, but the release was reported due to continued sluggishness.

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