Park Wonbin has 100,000 followers per day since he opened…

Park Wonbin has 100,000 followers per day since he opened his SNS…

Park Wonbin

Park Wonbin, a member of “Transfer Love 2,” opened his SNS and attracted 100,000 followers in a day.

Park Wonbin opened an SNS account on the 1st. The only member of Tving’s “Transfer Love 2” who didn’t have an SNS account. It opened a communication window about a month after the end of “Transfer Love 2.”

Park Won-bin’s opening of SNS was announced by Jung Hyun-kyu. Jung Hyun-kyu uploaded Park Won-bin’s post to his account and informed him that he had opened the account. Jung Hyun-kyu has about 800,000 followers through “Transfer Love 2.” In an instant, Park Won-bin’s news became known, and it became a hot topic among fans of “Transfer Love 2.”

On the morning of the 2nd, only about 15 hours after uploading the first photo, Park Won-bin’s SNS has 100,000 followers. In addition, Park Won-bin has only followed Park Na-eon, Nam Hee-doo, Sung Hae-eun, Lee Ji-yeon, Lee Na-yeon, Jung Hyun-kyu, Jung Kyu-min, Kim Tae-i, and Kim Ji-soo.

The cast of “Transfer Love 2” is actively communicating with fans through SNS after the broadcast. Park Won-bin, who was quiet, also joined the trend, announcing the birth of a new SNS influencer.

Meanwhile, “Transfer Love 2” is a love reality program where couples who broke up for various reasons gather in one house to look back on their past relationships and find their own love while facing new relationships. Park Won-bin appeared with her ex-lover Kim Ji-soo and could not find a new partner.

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