Park Tae-hwan’s ideal type Sandara Park is lovely for the missing

Park Tae-hwan’s ideal type Sandara Park is lovely for the missing look in the bottom of a shopping date

Park Tae-hwan's

Park Tae-hwan and Sandara Park will go on a shopping date.

The 61st episode of Channel A’s “Men’s Life-Hide Class,” which will air on the 26th, depicts Park Tae-hwan’s day when he met his ideal type Sandara Park in 13 years.

Park Tae-hwan, who dressed up to the fullest on this day, heads to a select shop where he is supposed to meet Sandara Park with a flowerpot. Soon after he found Sandara Park, he smiled broadly and handed over the flowerpot, and carefully said, “How have you been?” and gave an exciting greeting. Regarding the meeting on this day, he said, “My sister appeared as a special guest on the broadcast I was on in the past. So I thought it would be nice if you did what you wanted to do today,” he said, turning the small screen into a sea of excitement.

After a while, the two pick each other’s clothes and go on a full-fledged shopping date. At this time, Park Tae-hwan knocks on Sandara Park’s mind by saying words that build up his self-esteem, such as, “Wouldn’t he like everything if his sister picked him out?” Park Tae-hwan also went to Sandara Park to change into the skirt he chose, saying, “Skirt…Skirt.. “Skirt…” he repeated shyly, and after seeing Sandara Park’s missing bottom look, he compliments, “It feels more lovely.” Sandara Park smiled, saying, “If you do this, I think you will get a lot of points from women.”

After enjoying shopping, the two travel to the next location in Park’s car. In the car, Park Tae-hwan recalled his first meeting with Sandara Park, and said, “At the YG concert hall, Ji-yong said (we) would introduce him to you…He mentioned G-Dragon (GD) and made everyone’s ears listen. Park Tae-hwan then sends a straightforward question, “Who is a good person among the ‘Shinrangs’ Park Tae-hwan, Kim Jae-joong, Lee Kyu-han, and Kim Yong-joon?” People are curious about who Sandara Park picked as her ideal type.

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