Park Na-rae of “Two-time winner” has a pleasant speech..

Park Na-rae of “Two-time winner” has a pleasant speech on social media

Park Na-rae

Comedian Park Na-rae delivered her acceptance speech.

Park Na-rae said on her social networking service (SNS) Instagram on the 30th, “I want to thank my family, my friends, colleagues, our comedy goddess Park Na-rae family, all the production crew, and our JDB family who always work hard, and I love you all.” I love you. Let’s all be happy.”

Park Na-rae was congratulated by many people by winning the Entertainment Award of the Year and the Best Couple Award at the “2022 MBC Entertainment Awards,” which aired from the 29th.

Celebrations were followed by makeup artist Lee Sa-bae, actress Hwang Bo-ra, broadcaster Jason, and Jang Young-ran, who confirmed the post. Netizens also said, “You were so beautiful that day.” “The outfit was the best. “Congratulations,” he responded positively, saying, “I look forward to your cooperation in 2023.

Meanwhile, MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone,” starring Park Na-rae, will be broadcast without cancellation today. The broadcast will air at 11:10 p.m. after the “2022 MBC Acting Awards.”

Park Na-rae is loved by the public so much that she ranked third in the comedian category that shone this year in 2017, second in the entertainment show category that shone this year in 2018, and second in 2019. It is not a gag style that belittles or demeans others, but rather a style that sublimates gungtte, one’s own sloppyness, low-quality sex jokes, and lack of something into laughter. The forced gag has established itself as a comfortable and pleasant character thanks to its restraint and well-melt in the right place.

Along with interesting characters, he has wide feet, takes good care of others, and often shows that he doesn’t have a rough idea in everything, and these things are positive in various entertainment programs. I live alone at the 2019 MBC Entertainment Awards. Save me! She won the grand prize for Holmes and established herself as the top female comedian.

Following 2017, she won her second TV entertainment award at the Baeksang Arts Awards in 2020, tied for second place in this category.

Originally, he was from Gurin, and was known for his active activities in U-line, but now he has grown into a big-name entertainer enough to build a line on his own, and is considered a representative atmospheric plasticizer.

Although he is short, his weight and muscles are generally well attached, and thanks to that, he has good athletic ability and physical strength, such as being good at pole dancing.

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