Park Myung-soo “I don’t want to get an award!” “I quit when I was..

Park Myung-soo “I don’t want to get an award!” “I quit when I was 9 years and 6 months old.” [Roundup]

Park Myung-soo

Park Myung-soo expressed his intention to drop out of his “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” because he did not want to receive the award.

KBS Radio Cool FM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” (hereinafter referred to as “Radio Show”) aired on the morning of the 6th was decorated with the 8th anniversary special “Park Myung-soo’s lively radio show.”

In the broadcast, Kim Tae-jin and Jeon Min-ki, the team leader of the regular guests of the “Radio Show,” appeared as a lively delegation. Park Myung-soo thanked Kim Tae-jin and Jeon Min-ki, who came to celebrate the 8th anniversary.

Park Myung-soo asked Kim Tae-jin what he wanted from him. In response, Kim Tae-jin replied, “I really don’t have one,” and it’s not a mouthful, but none of the stars I’ve met is this warm.” “He’s so warm and he takes good care of his juniors. I’m so happy that I wonder if this is okay,” he said.

In response to Kim Tae-jin’s words, team leader Jeon Min-ki said, “Take care of me less than before. I called him home a few years ago, he said. “The number of calls has decreased.” Park Myung-soo also explained that Kim Tae-jin and Jeon Min-ki couldn’t invite Nam Chang-hee because their homes were far away when Jeon Min-ki said that the number of invitations had decreased by releasing an episode of Nam Chang-hee’s visit to his studio.

Park Myung-soo received an acrostic poem with his name from listeners. Among them, ‘Park, you never left when you were applauded. Myung, it’s long. When ‘Let’s go to the entertainment awards for decades more,’ he said he was not greedy for awards. Park Myung-soo said, “There is also an award for entertainment awards. There are entertainment awards that are received for making headlines or playing a pivotal role, and there are awards that are forced to sit down for a long time. I don’t like that. “I want to continue to be a hot topic and get an award, but I don’t like to sit down and get it,” he said. He said, “If you do it for 10 years, they give you a golden mouse.” I’m going to quit when I’m 9 years and 6 months old. And I’m going to start again for 10 years. I don’t like winning awards,” he said.

Since then, Park Myung-soo has performed a live performance of gratitude for listeners of the “Radio Show.” Before singing his song ‘I Love You’ live, he introduced, “There is a song that goes to the atmosphere rather than singing,” and added, “It is a song that I sang at the ‘Infinite Challenge’ song festival.” Oh, it’s not a song festival. “I Love You” is a song I sang when I met my wife. (The listeners) have loved it, and I will sing you a song of gratitude even if it’s half of it,” he said, and then performed the live performance.

After the live performance, Park Myung-soo also released episodes related to the album (CD) while introducing supportive messages from listeners. He said, “The stations. Our manager takes a CD and turns it around. “Gayo Plaza” or “Date at 2 o’clock”. When I give you a CD, you say yes and throw it. I saw my CD was there. I’ve taken out all the removals. That was ‘Prince of the Sea’. I didn’t know this would happen. “You can push it to the end,” he said.

In addition, Park Myung-soo talked about various things with Kim Tae-jin and Jeon Min-ki on the “Radio Show.” Park Myung-soo said it was good to see Kim Tae-jin and Jeon Min-ki close. He said that it is not easy to meet and get close in society as we are the same age. “I’m not usually nervous about the same age, but Hwang Jung-min was nervous,” he said. “I met him and asked, ‘How have you been?’ Did we talk casually?” “We met like that as a joke,” he said, drawing laughter.

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