Park Hae-soo said, “Look at people after ‘Seulbbang’ is….

Park Hae-soo said, “Look at people after ‘Seulbbang’ is successful. I’m worried that you can’t eat tteokbokki.” (Vivo TV)

Park Hae-soo

I remembered the time when Park Hae-soo became highly popular for his “Wise Gamppang Life.”

On the 9th, Vivotv posted a video titled “Su-ri Husband” of Park Hae-soo’s Mountain Season 2, which returned with “Squid Game, Ghost that will surpass Surinam.”

In the video, director Jang Hang-joon asked Park Hae-soo to explain the arrogance Park Hae-soo felt when the drama (‘Wise Gambang Life’) went well and people began to recognize it.

In response, Park Hae-soo said, “I can’t eat tteokbokki anymore. “It’s a mess. How can I take the subway?” he shrugged.

“What was really interesting was the director of ‘Reply Pal’, so he raised the actors to some extent,” he said, adding, “He told me honestly.” I think he’s a slow climber. I’m going to upload it for a second. I can’t be arrogant in the first episode,’ he recalled.

Then I asked, “You can’t eat tteokbokki,” and he said, “No, I think you’ll eat it.” He explained, “It’s not that much, so you don’t have to worry.”

Park Hae-soo`s also said about the Jungwoo Ha he worked with in the Netflix series ‘Surinam,’ “Isn’t he humorous? He said, “Since I’m younger than him, he made me laugh a lot,” adding, “When you memorize lines, you have to do this to memorize them well,” and he said, “He memorized the lines by imitating Maenggu.

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