Big Bang’s top moon travel countdown begins

Big Bang’s top moon travel countdown begins Proof shot at the spacecraft launch pad

Big Bang's

Before the Big Bang (BIGBANG) Top (T.O.P., real name Choi Seung-hyun)’s space trip, he shared his recent situation.

Top posted a photo on the morning of the 27th (Korea Standard Time) with the article “SUGAR KINGDOM.”

In the released photo, Top is wearing a gray hoodie and taking a selfie in front of the SpaceX Starship launch pad in Boca Chica, Texas.

Ahead of a civilian’s first month trip, Top also posted a message that he watched Starship’s test launch on the spot two days ago.

Earlier, Top left YG Entertainment in April last year and started to work alone. Since then, he has turned into a businessman, launched a wine brand, and launched a large-scale promotion.

Meanwhile, the “Dear Moon” project is the first civilian project to aim to fly to the moon. It is scheduled to fly in lunar orbit in a spacecraft Starship developed by SpaceX for about six days, and will proceed in 2023

Brave Girls is discussing the name of the team for Warner

Brave Girls is discussing the name of the team for Warner Music a four-member group

Brave Girls

The group Brave Girls has signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea and will continue its four-member activities.

Warner Music Korea announced on the 27th that it has signed an exclusive contract with all members of Brave Girls.

Warner Music Korea said, “We worked together with the members with the top priority on activities as a whole.” “We will provide full support for our activities,” he said. In addition, the team name announced the start of the second act of the Brave Girls, saying, “We are discussing it from various angles.”

Brave Girls, which debuted in 2011, has been active with various albums such as “Change,” “High Heels,” “Yuhu (We Still Summer)” and “We Ride,” among which “Rollin,” released in 2017, succeeded in reversing in 2021, and has reigned as a new “Summer Queen.”

Brave Girls swept the top of various music charts with “Rollin,” and at the same time, “Just Drive” released in 2020 was also drawing attention, completing the reverse driving myth. After that, “Chi Mat Ba Ram,” “Drinking habits (after only driving),” “Thank you.” It showed various charms at the same time by releasing a series of lanterns. In addition, Brave Girls proved the synergy of the entire group through Mnet’s “Queendom 2.”

With Brave Girls, who had been active since the reverse driving, temporarily suspended their activities after the expiration of their exclusive contract in February, the newly signed full contract with Warner Music Korea is raising expectations and welcome from global fans.

Meanwhile, Brave Girls will continue their full activities with the full support of Warner Music Korea

Arsenal set a new record of humiliation for the first time in 57 years

Arsenal set a new record of humiliation for the first time in 57 years


Arsenal, which collapsed, also set a record that was not in the Premier League.

Arsenal, led by head coach Michel Arteta, lost 1-4 in an away match against Manchester City in the 2022/23 English Premier League at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on the 27th, giving up one goal and two goals and one assist to opposing striker Elling Holan and two goals and one assist to midfielder Kevin de Bruyne.

As a result, Arsenal failed to move further from 75 points, reducing the gap with Manchester City, which recorded 73 points, by two points. Since Manchester City played two fewer games, there is a good chance that Manchester City will overturn the remaining schedule. In other words, it is close to winning the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Arsenal turned out to have set a record that has never been achieved in the Premier League, which was founded in 1992

According to “Live Score,” which guides soccer statistics and real-time game scores, Arsenal became the first team since Manchester United in December 1966 to score more than two runs in four consecutive games.

Since there was no Premier League at the time, Arsenal remained the first team in the Premier League system to allow two runs in four consecutive games.

Arsenal drew 2-2 with Liverpool and West Ham, respectively, ahead of the Manchester City match, and drew 3-3 with Southampton. He then gave up multiple goals in four consecutive games until the 1-4 defeat against Manchester City, resulting in only one draw and three losses 실시간파워볼

As a result, he set a record that is on par with Manchester United for the first time in 57 years.

Arsenal also repeated their history of humiliation in 15 years.

According to the British broadcasting channel “BT Sports,” Arsenal set a record with a defeat that day. Since Arsenal in 2008, he has been ranked No. 1 in the Premier League, becoming a team that has never won in the past four games

It didn’t work for Roh Hong-chul who is suspected of stock

It didn’t work for Roh Hong-chul who is suspected of stock price manipulation I’ve made several suggestions, but I refuse

Roh Hong-chul

It was belatedly reported that suspected stock price manipulation forces, which are known to have caused enormous damage by approaching various celebrities, including singer Lim Chang-jung, also approached broadcaster Noh Hong-chul.

According to an entertainment industry official, broadcaster Noh Hong-chul was almost damaged by the situation in which he manipulated stock prices by buying and selling stocks and adjusting the market price in the name of some investors who entrusted the money.

It was revealed that A, one of the suspected stock price manipulation groups, ran a golf academy in Gangnam, Seoul, under the nickname “Top Star Professional Golf Pro,” and encouraged Roh Hong-chul and a number of other celebrities to invest in the name of golf lessons.

In response, Noh Hong-chul’s closest aide said, “A approached Noh Hong-chul through golf lessons like other celebrities. While learning golf there, it is true that I was recommended to continue investing in stocks, but Noh Hong-chul admitted to receiving an investment offer, saying, “Even though A is young, his spending is ridiculously large and I didn’t think it was strange to make an investment offer.”

“I don’t think I was swayed by such temptation because Noh Hong-chul is more meticulous and realistic than he seems.He said, “The only money transaction I made with A was to cut off a membership of about 1 million won for golf lessons for about two to three months. I have no longer made money transactions with them, nor have I been investigated by an investigative agency. It has nothing to do with this incident,” he stressed.

Financial authorities are investigating whether the stock price has been manipulated as the stock price plunged due to the pouring of foreign securities firm SG (Societe Generale) securities. According to the Financial Services Commission, the capital market research team has long been looking into the issue.

Some suspect that a group of buyers and sellers, who had been engaged in manipulation transactions by buying and selling stocks at a certain time, hurriedly disposed of the sale after learning in advance of the financial authorities’ investigation.

Singer Lim Chang-jung is appealing, “I’m a victim, too,” when he invested a total of 3 billion won in the names of himself and his wife and suffered great damage due to a plunge in stock prices. Another singer, A, said, “Im Chang-jung invested in it”I’ve invested for a long time, but I feel like I’ve been swindled,”

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office’s joint investigation team on financial securities crimes banned 10 people from leaving the country suspected of stock price manipulation. They are suspected of conducting wiretapping transactions with mobile phones opened under the name of investors

I stole it today too Pittsburgh Bae Ji-hwan scored three hits

I stole it today too Pittsburgh Bae Ji-hwan scored three hits and three steals


Now the expression ‘Daedo’ is right. Pittsburgh Pirates Bae Ji-hwan (24) hit three hits to achieve double-digit steals.

Bae Ji-hwan started as the eighth batter and second baseman in the game against the LA Dodgers at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the 27th (Korea time) and recorded three steals with three hits, one RBI, two runs, and one strikeout. Bae Ji-hwan, who had two hits and two steals in four at-bats in the previous day’s game, achieved multi-hit and multi-throwing for two consecutive days. His season batting average went up from 0.224 to 0.264 (18 hits in 71 at-bats).

In his first at-bat in the third inning, he struck out swinging on a ball from starter Tony Gonsolin. However, in his second at-bat as the leadoff hitter in the fifth inning, he hit Phil Bigford’s first high fastball to make a heavy hit.

For Bae Ji-hwan, a single hit was nothing short of a double. He immediately stole second base at No. 9 Jason Delay’s at-bat. The eighth stolen base of the season. The steal was a run. Brian Reynolds’ timely hit homered

Bae Ji-hwan also hit a hit in his third at-bat in the sixth inning with a 2-0 lead. He pushed left-hander Justin Bruele’s slider to make a ball that escaped to the side of shortstop. One out, first and third base. Bae Ji-hwan’s feet didn’t stop. He ran straight to second base. However, batter Delay hit a ground ball to the pitcher and failed to steal. But this time, he stole third base right away. He took the timing perfectly so that the catcher could not even throw. Bae Ji-hwan even scored his second run as Rodolfo Castro’s left-handed hit exploded.

Bae Ji-hwan excitedly turned the bat even in the seventh inning with two outs and runners on first and second bases with a 5-0 lead. He hit a grounder to third base against Alex Besia, and third baseman Michael Bush threw the ball to second base, not first base, as if conscious of Bae Ji-hwan’s foot. But safe. In the meantime, Tucupita Marcano, who was the second baseman, turned third base and came home. The recorder acknowledged Bae Ji-wan’s infield hit and went up to the RBI 토토사이트추천

Second baseman Castro and first baseman Bae Ji-hwan made double steals. Bae Ji-hwan has achieved 10 steals this season for the first time since entering the Major League. It is the first time that he has succeeded in stealing three bases in one game. He moved up to second place by catching up with Ronald Acuña (Atlanta Braves), the No. 1 stolen base in the National League. Bae Ji-hwan scored his third point as Delay’s double exploded. Pittsburgh, which showed its full mobility, including Bae Ji-hwan, avenged its defeat the previous day with an 8-1 victory

Kim Sung-eun a minor was worried about losing her image

Kim Sung-eun a minor was worried about losing her image after six hours of nose surgery but she was satisfied

Kim Sung-eun

Actress Kim Sung-eun revealed the process of re-surgery for nose plastic surgery.

On the 22nd, Kim Sung-eun posted a video titled “Nose Reoperation Day to the Present” on her YouTube channel “Less Than the Level Kim Sung-eun.”

Kim Sung-eun said, “The surgery took about six hours,” adding, “When I opened it, my condition was not good.” Bone fragments were removed and cartilage that had been accumulated was also processed. “He said that he spent a long time setting up the pillar and operating,” he said.

He then talked about pain after surgery. He said, “I deserved to endure while eating Tylenol. The “stirring” pain lasted until the third day. “After three days, it was okay,” he said, adding, “After that, there was another pain that I couldn’t breathe through my nose.” We have to endure this period well,” he said.

He also said, “Before a month, I often look in the mirror and think, ‘I think I’m wrong’ and ‘I think I’m bent.’ I was stressed out too, but time is medicine. Time has solved it,” he said.

Kim Sung-eun said, “It has been about three months since the operation was performed on the day of filming, and it is very natural. “I’m satisfied,” he said. “I was so worried. I don’t like the image changing, I was worried that these familiar faces would lose it, but I think it went well. “It went exactly the angle and line I wanted,” he said after the surgery.

He also revealed the reason for the operation. Kim Sung-eun said, “I’ve also been stressed out for a long time. I thought there would be many people like me who suffered side effects due to inflammatory reactions. I wanted to share positive results with those people

Cha Cha-young is very popular as The Glory I believe in my

Cha Cha-young is very popular as The Glory I believe in my confidence until now

Cha Cha-young

Cha Cha-young showed another appearance than usual.

The magazine “Dazed” released a beauty pictorial of actor Cha Cha-young in its May issue.

In this pictorial, Cha Joo-young perfectly digested the concept with her unique sophisticated image and confident attitude, revealing her glint model-like side without any hesitation.

Cha Cha-young not only appeared on Netflix’s “The Glory” but also the recent KBS2’s “Real”!It is gaining huge popularity with ‘. Cha Cha-young said, “I’m well trained to deal with everything clearly, and I’ve been living with my confidence so far. “I’ve done everything by trusting myself, not anyone else, so I don’t think I should be lazy to look into myself so that I can have better choices and confidence in the future,” he said. Also, “No more, no less, just as much as now. Since you have enjoyed and enjoyed your life well, you should create your own foundation that will not be shaken so that you can live without losing your romance in the future. In addition, I think it would be better if I became more mature both acting and personally,” he said, expressing his commitment to the future

It’s more sticky after washing it with alcohol Scherzer

It’s more sticky after washing it with alcohol Scherzer deserved to be upset


Was Max Scherzer (39, New York Mets), who was disciplined after being sent off for using foreign substances during a recent game, unfair?

David Cohn, who is in charge of commentary on ESPN, a U.S. sports channel, tested how sticky his hands could be under the same conditions as Scherzer on the 24th (Korea Standard Time).

First of all, Cohn touched Rosin with the Major League logo with his hand and wiped it with alcohol. This is the same condition as Scherzer.

If you look at the video, you can see that the fingers of the cone, which is a little sticky with rosin, are washed away with alcohol and then become much more sticky.

At that time, Scherzer washed his hands with alcohol in front of several people, including Major League Baseball officials, after being pointed out by the referee in the second inning that his hands were sticky.

Afterwards, Scherzer was ordered to replace his glove by the referee in the third inning, and was ordered to leave the game in the fourth inning, pointing out that his hand was more sticky.

At the time, Scherzer strongly protested against the sticky substance, saying it was only rosin. But Scherzer’s protest was not accepted 스포츠토토

Eventually, Scherzer was sent off for the match and was suspended for 10 games. Scherzer gave up his appeal and was suspended for 10 games.

Scherzer’s innocence and the referee’s error can’t be confirmed just by this ESPN video. But at least I’ve confirmed that alcohol makes your fingers more sticky.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the reason why Scherzer’s fingers became more sticky than before the referee’s point was the alcohol used as instructed by the referee

Park Tae-hwan’s ideal type Sandara Park is lovely for the missing

Park Tae-hwan’s ideal type Sandara Park is lovely for the missing look in the bottom of a shopping date

Park Tae-hwan's

Park Tae-hwan and Sandara Park will go on a shopping date.

The 61st episode of Channel A’s “Men’s Life-Hide Class,” which will air on the 26th, depicts Park Tae-hwan’s day when he met his ideal type Sandara Park in 13 years.

Park Tae-hwan, who dressed up to the fullest on this day, heads to a select shop where he is supposed to meet Sandara Park with a flowerpot. Soon after he found Sandara Park, he smiled broadly and handed over the flowerpot, and carefully said, “How have you been?” and gave an exciting greeting. Regarding the meeting on this day, he said, “My sister appeared as a special guest on the broadcast I was on in the past. So I thought it would be nice if you did what you wanted to do today,” he said, turning the small screen into a sea of excitement.

After a while, the two pick each other’s clothes and go on a full-fledged shopping date. At this time, Park Tae-hwan knocks on Sandara Park’s mind by saying words that build up his self-esteem, such as, “Wouldn’t he like everything if his sister picked him out?” Park Tae-hwan also went to Sandara Park to change into the skirt he chose, saying, “Skirt…Skirt.. “Skirt…” he repeated shyly, and after seeing Sandara Park’s missing bottom look, he compliments, “It feels more lovely.” Sandara Park smiled, saying, “If you do this, I think you will get a lot of points from women.”

After enjoying shopping, the two travel to the next location in Park’s car. In the car, Park Tae-hwan recalled his first meeting with Sandara Park, and said, “At the YG concert hall, Ji-yong said (we) would introduce him to you…He mentioned G-Dragon (GD) and made everyone’s ears listen. Park Tae-hwan then sends a straightforward question, “Who is a good person among the ‘Shinrangs’ Park Tae-hwan, Kim Jae-joong, Lee Kyu-han, and Kim Yong-joon?” People are curious about who Sandara Park picked as her ideal type.

The Japanese archipelago is in shock Monster appears

The Japanese archipelago is in shock Monster appears with an average swing rate of 47.9% at 160km


Roki Sasaki (22, Chiba Lotte), who is selected as the next ace of the Japanese national team, is a player with a growing taste. The term “monster of the Raywa era” is not a waste at all. It is also a pitching content that makes you wonder how much more you will extend.

Sasaki said, “In the rookie season, I was more focused on building my body than pitching in 2020. It was because of Chiba Lotte’s judgment that he lacked stamina to withstand in the first division with a thin body. In 2021, he had 11 appearances in the first division and 63 innings in innings. It was thoroughly managed so that the innings did not suddenly increase.

The shackles have been gradually loosened since last year. Last year, he pitched 129⅓ innings in 20 games, recording 9 wins, 4 losses and a 2.02 ERA. There was also a historical perfect game. Sasaki’s first full-time season is this year. Now, Chiba Lotte’s plan is to make his debut as a complete starter by playing more than regular innings.

The beginning of this year is perfect. He pitched 20 innings in three games with a 0 ERA. His batting average was 0.081, allowing only five hits in 20 innings. However, he is not a typical young pitcher with a problem with control. There are only three walks. The number of runs allowed per inning (WHIP) is 0.40. Of course, he swept three wins in three appearances.

It is said that Sasaki’s pitching power is at its peak. He struck out 30 in 20 innings. The number of strikeouts per nine innings was 13.50, which is better than last year (12.04), and the strikeout/walk ratio reached 10.00. Thanks to this overwhelming ratio, Sasaki’s ERA (FIP) is also at the top of the list with 0.21.

The average speed of Sasaki’s four-seam fastball, compiled by local Japanese media, is 99.2 miles (about 160 kilometers). It is hard to find one or two players in the Major League who are not bullpen pitchers but starting pitchers. The swing ratio is also 47.9 percent, which is ridiculous. If a bat comes out, it means that half of the bats are swinging in vain. There has never been such a player in the long history of Japanese professional baseball.

Since his debut, Sasaki has built a considerable sample of 212⅔ innings, during which time his ERA is 1.90. It is more surprising that he is a 22-year-old player. If you gain more strength and experience in the future, you can expect better pitching. Major League Baseball is waiting for this player to enter the U.S. for a reason 승인전화없는 토토사이트