Former TSM Academy Director Peter Zhang to Punish Permanent Eviction

Former TSM Academy Director Peter Zhang to Punish Permanent Eviction


Former Team Solomid (TSM) Academy coach Peter Jang was permanently expelled from Riot Games.

Riot Games officially announced the permanent expulsion of former TSM Academy coach Peter Jang on its website on the 9th.

According to Riot Games, Peter Zhang participated in unethical behavior against current and former TSM players and employees and did not compensate for the player’s car sales. It is also said that part of the player’s salary was diverted to the accounts of himself and his colleagues and recommended loans to the players and staff.

According to the details, Peter Zhang received a salary of $250,000 (KRW 320 million) from two players between December last year and February this year, and the players decided to receive some of their salaries from Chinese companies. However, part of the account belonged to Peter Chang and the money naturally went to him.

In October last year, Peter Chang did not send $45,000 out of $80,000 (about 104 million Korean won), which is the amount of cars sold by then-TSM player (now known as Weibo Gaming’s “Sword Art” post-shredder. In addition, from January to March this year, he borrowed $15,000 from eight TSM athletes and staff and did not pay them back properly.

TSM appointed a law firm and conducted an investigation with Riot Games, and asked Peter Chang to submit data on his claim, but he did not receive the information. In response, Riot Games permanently banned partnerships with teams or organizations in games approved by Riot Games against Peter Chang based on LCS regulations. 토토사이트

Meanwhile, Peter Zhang, who coached the LMQ composed of Chinese players, played for Team Curses, Team Liquid and Eco Fox, and was appointed as the coach of the TSM Academy in 2018. However, he was fired by the team in March this year based on conflicts of interest between players and staff and allegations of unethical practices.

It’s exactly the same. Ford Bronco half price, the Great Wall

It’s exactly the same. Ford Bronco half price, the Great Wall Train Tank 300


A car that looks just like Ford Bronco has appeared in China. It is the ‘Tank 300’, an off-road vehicle of the Great Wall Motor.

Jangseong Train aims to continue to release its tank series by 2025, selling 500,000 vehicles in the global market, and achieving the No. 1 share of the off-road SUV market.

The car, which was first unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show in July 2020, has attracted controversy as soon as it was released. This is because the exterior design of Ford’s Bronco, which was released around the same time, was similar.

The round headlamps and LED daytime running lights connected to each other are similar. The indoor steering wheel is also reminiscent of the Bronco.

But the tank 300 is missing key elements of the Bronco.

Bronco applied a frame-free and detachable door and loop, but the tank 300, which applied the “tank” platform manufactured by Jangseong Train, has a window frame and cannot be separated from the ceiling.

There is also a difference in off-road specifications. Bronco, which has entered South Korea, combines a V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine and an automatic 10-speed transmission to achieve a maximum output of 310 horsepower and maximum torque of

In addition, the G.O.A.T mode terrain management system supports six driving modes, including normal, eco, slippery, sand, mud, and sports, and is equipped with a high-performance off-road stability suspension (HOSS) system and a trail toolbox.

There’s only one Porsche Cayenne convertible in the world

There’s only one Porsche Cayenne convertible in the world

Cayenne convertible

You might be surprised to hear that SUVs have convertibles, but they actually existed.

Perhaps many people remember the Range Rover Yvork Convertible, but Nissan also made the Murano Convertible.

By the way, do you know that Porsche was trying to make a Cayenne convertible?

There may still be countless cars in Porsche’s warehouse that have fallen asleep without seeing the light of the world.

This time, it is the story of “Kaien Convertible,” which contained Porsche’s dream.

Porsche refused to make the SUV the same when making the Cayenne.

It is a Porsche that used its own engine and added its own body setting when it was co-developed with Volkswagen under the name of “Project Colorado.”

And Porsche was envisioning three variants immediately after the release of Cayenne.

The first is the coupe, the second is the version that added the audience after increasing the body of Cayenne by 20cm, and the last is the convertible version that is introduced this time.

The Cayenne convertible was not discarded on the spot, but was actually produced.

What we’re introducing on this page is a package functional model, called PFM for short.

The exhibition can be held only when the body of the car is actually seen, so it was made by roughly improving the existing Kaien.

So the roof was changed to fabric, but it is impossible to drive safely because the body is not reinforced. So a separate truck was mobilized when traveling long distances.

Cayenne Convertible reminds me of Cayenne Coupe at first glance.

Of course, the Kaien Coupé came to reality quite a while later, but the Kaien Coupé, which only has a first-row door, which is 20cm longer than before, also gives a different feeling.

What’s unique is that the back is divided into two, because there were disagreements about the design until this time.

This was made to evaluate the left and right alternately to find out which side is the back that suits the Cayenne Coupe.

How does the roof of the Cayenne convertible fold? Surprisingly, the Porsche 911 Targa, which is currently on sale, is similar in how it works.

Cayenne Convertible has a rollover bar behind the second row for passenger safety in case of rollover.

The cloth roof moves to the back of the rollover bar, when some of the structures behind it open and swallow the loop.

And the structure returns to its place and makes an attractive form of background natural.

Unfortunately, the Cayenne convertible did not lead to mass-production.

If mass production had started, the problem of body stiffness would have been solved.

However, doubts remained about the lack of profitability and whether it would look as attractive as Porsche’s other models, leaving it straight to the warehouse.

As a convertible, SUVs were close to a challenge both aesthetically and formally.

It would look strange if you combine a large, heavy body with a half of the top that is made small and cut off the roof.

Kang Ki-young and Woo Young will not participate in Bali vacation

Kang Ki-young and Woo Young will not participate in Bali vacation

Kang Ki-young

“Woo Young-woo” Kang Ki-young will not be on vacation in Bali due to the COVID-19 confirmation, and Kang Tae-oh, Joo Jong-hyuk, and Ha Yoon-kyung, who recently filmed, will leave for Bali due to negative results.

According to OSEN coverage on the morning of the 8th, actor Kang Ki-young was confirmed to have COVID-19 (Coronavirus infection) last weekend, and will not attend the Bali vacation of the “Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo” team scheduled for this week.

Earlier on the 5th, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Ha Yoon-kyung, and Joo Jong-hyuk, the main characters of the “Woo Young-woo” team, took a Naver Now shot. Since then, Kang Ki-young has been notified of COVID-19, and fellow actors have reportedly quickly conducted tests such as self-kits. As a result, Kang Tae-oh, Joo Jong-hyuk, and Ha Yoon-kyung all voiced, continuing their normal schedules.

In response, Kang Ki-young’s agency Namu Actors said, “Over the weekend, our actor Kang Ki-young tested positive in the self-kit test, which was conducted preemptively due to overlapping movements with the COVID-19 confirmed patient. Currently, Kang Ki-young has no special symptoms and plans to stop all scheduled schedules and focus on treatment.”

He added, “We put the health of all actors and staff first in accordance with the management guidelines of the quarantine authorities, and will do our best to take all measures.”

Kang Ki-young, who was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, Woo Young-woo’s coach Yoo In-sik, excluding Kang Tae-oh, who is about to join the military, and Park Eun-bin, Joo Jong-hyuk, and Ha Yoon-kyung will leave for Bali, Indonesia, on the late afternoon of the 8th.

Meanwhile, the “Woo Young-woo” team’s trip to Bali is a little different from the nature of a reward vacation where all staff and actors leave, and it is a personal vacation schedule with only some actors who fit the director and schedule. In this regard, “Woo Young-woo” said, “We prepared ‘Golden Whale’ as a reward to writers, directors, and actors in Studio Genie to repay the hard work of the production team and actors,” adding, “In the case of prize vacation, it is unfortunately difficult for all staff to move.”

BLACKPINK Rose, flat belly + handful of waist exposed…

BLACKPINK Rose, flat belly + handful of waist exposed…a slender-like figure


BLACKPINK’s Rosé revealed her recent status.

Rose, a member of the group BLACKPINK, posted photos on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 8th.

The photo released together this time shows Rose taking a selfie through a mirror.

Above all, Rose caught the eye of viewers as she wore a cropped sleeveless top and skirt set and showed off her fragile waist.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will make a comeback in August. YG Entertainment, the agency, said, “Many BLACKPINK-like songs have been prepared, which have been completed with great care for a long time.

In order to expand the range of communication with fans around the world, BLACKPINK will make a comeback and go on the largest world tour in K-pop girl group history by the end of the year. 토토사이트 추천

And large-scale projects suitable for that status will continue steadily, he said.

“Deft” KIM HYUK KYU, “Faker” and second LCK 2,200 kills

“Deft” KIM HYUK KYU, “Faker” and second LCK 2,200 kills


DRX ‘Deft’ Kim Hyuk-kyu reached the 2,200 kill mark for the second time in LCK career after ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk (T1).

On the afternoon of the 7th, Kim Hyuk-kyu added 11 kills in a match against the Guangdong Freaks in the 8th week of the Grand Seoul LCK Summer in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Kim Hyuk-kyu recorded 6 kills 2 deaths 9 assists in the 1st set with Sibir and 5 kills 2 deaths 6 assists in the 2nd set.

Kim Hyuk-kyu, who added 11 kills in the Guangdong match, achieved a record of 2,200 kills. This is the second record after “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk (2,651 kills). Kim Hyuk-kyu, who made his debut as a springer of the League of Legends Champions (LoL Champions), a predecessor of LCK in 2013, performed steadily except in 2015 and 2016, when he was active in Edward Gaming (EDG).

LCK Summerser currently has 134 kills and 219 assists. Following Kim Hyuk-kyu, Gen.G e-sports’ “Ruler” Park Jae-hyuk is third with 2,076 kilograms, followed by Guangdong Freix’s “Teddy” Park Jin-sung with 1,864 kilograms.

Pelosi Why did China pour live ammunition right under Taiwan’s nose?

Pelosi Why did China pour live ammunition right under Taiwan’s nose?


China Filled Only 126km From Taiwan

Last night, a rare video was posted on Weibo, a Chinese Twitter account. It was a scene where bullets and shells poured down like rain. The dark night sky was so bright that it was bright. This is a live-fire drill announced by China’s Pingtan Maritime Bureau on the 28th.

The problem is that the place where the shooting training was conducted was Pingtan Island, Fujian Province, China. It is the shortest distance between China and Taiwan, just 126 kilometers from Xinzhou County in northern Taiwan.

It has been two weeks since the Financial Times reported Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan on the 19th (local time). China’s pressure level is increasing. The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives ranks third behind the President and Vice President.

“Playing with fire will burn you to death”

On the 28th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaorizen said, “If the U.S. does not break its stubbornness, the Chinese military will not sit by.” It was interpreted as meaning that if Speaker Pelosi continues to insist on going to Taiwan, she may start using force.

On the other hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping even said in a telephone conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden on the 28th (East U.S. time), “Playing with fire will burn you to death.”

U.N. Representative Geng Shuang repeated the same thing at a Security Council meeting on the 29th. “要玩火焚自” (here, “焚서自은” is “Wanhuwatzpun” in Chinese, and “Wanhuwatzpun” in Chinese. It is an idiom derived from “Jwa’s Exhibition,” which means “Playing with fire and burning yourself down.”

I didn’t just warn you with words. China sent warships to the waters around Taiwan during Taiwan’s annual military training and Hankwang training held from the 25th to the 29th and sent military aircraft to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone several times. The 30-day live-fire drill on Pingtan Island is also an extension.

Weibo, the People’s Liberation Army’s press organization, even used the rather eerie term “battle preparedness” as it posted a video of its 95th anniversary.

Why China Blocks Her Visit to Taiwan

Why is China so sensitive to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan?

Professor Lee Hong-gyu, a Chinese political expert, said, “The director of the China Research Center at Dongseo University, and a professor of campus Asian studies at Dongseo University.

“China regards Taiwan as unrecoverable territory. Pelosi, the U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, represents the United States, which is second in line to the succession after the vice president, if you’re president of the United States. If you sit by and watch Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China recognizes Taiwan as a sovereign nation. This could also be a fatal blow to President Xi Jinping’s leadership, which is set to serve three consecutive terms.”

If Pelosi leaves her visit to Taiwan as it is, it means that the principle of “one China” that there is only one China in the world could be shaken. One Chinese principle is the concept agreed upon by the two countries during the establishment of U.S.-China diplomatic relations in 1979. One China that China thinks of is the People’s Republic of China, but the U.S. and Taiwan think differently.

It’s hard for both the U.S. and China to back down

Speaker Pelosi is somewhat cautious as China is literally running out of control. “I don’t always talk about my itinerary,” he told a news conference before leaving the country on the 29th local time. It’s because it’s a security issue,” he said, and on Twitter posted on his departure on the 31st, he also announced only Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan as destinations, but did not mention whether he would visit Taiwan.

Did he cancel his plan to go to Taiwan? However, it would be burdensome for the Democratic Party of the United States to bow to pressure from China ahead of the upcoming midterm elections in November.

In China’s Baidu and Weibo, news that Pelosi did not mention Taiwan on her Asian tour remains at the top of the search list. It means that the interest of Chinese netizens is that great.

In one way or another, it is difficult for the U.S. and China to readily back down. Tensions over the Taiwan Strait are likely to continue for some time until Pelosi’s Asian tour is over.

Red Velvet’s Joy. Staff members are so touched.

Red Velvet’s Joy. Staff members are so touched.”I’m happy to work with you”

Red Velvet's Joy

Group Red Velvet Joy expressed her gratitude for the staff.

On the 31st, Joy posted several photos on her Instagram with an article titled “Animal Farm Sister.”

The released photo showed Joy taking a picture with the SBS “TV Animal Farm” studio in the background.

Red Velvet’s Joy smiling brightly as he stares at the camera.

Joy, wearing a sleeveless shirt and a jean skirt, is showing off her lovely charm in various poses.

Joy said, “Thank you to our beloved XX, who is with me on all schedules,” expressing her gratitude for the staff who carefully checks her styling. In particular, it also attracts attention by releasing a photo of him putting his arms around the staff.

Red Velvet's Joy

In response, the staff also left an affectionate comment, saying, “I am happiest to work with my sister.”

The sight of the two taking care of each other drew warmth from the viewers.

Meanwhile, the girl group “Red Velvet,” which includes Joy, recently released its mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm.”

“My legs are all relaxed”. “OT debut”. Eriksen, please tell us how you feel

“My legs are all relaxed”. “OT debut”. Eriksen, please tell us how you feel


Christian Eriksen confessed that his legs were relaxed after his Old Trafford debut.

Manchester United tied Rayo Bayekano 1-1 in a pre-season match at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, at midnight on August 1 (Korea Standard Time) This concludes Manchester United’s pre-season schedule.

The match was held in just one day. Manchester United returned to Manchester immediately after a friendly match against Atletico Madrid on the 31st and faced Bayekano. Therefore, 11 players who did not start against Atletico set up a lineup.

Eriksen was named on the starting list. Eriksen was on the ground for about 21 minutes in his last replacement against Atletico. It was not his official debut, but it was his first appearance in front of Manchester United fans since his transfer.

Eriksen built the midfielder line with Donny van der Beek and James Garner. It mainly moved from the right side and played the role of an airlift link. He also came down deep in the center and was involved in the build-up to set the team’s attack direction. Eriksen made his successful debut after playing about 61 minutes until the 16th minute of the second half when he was replaced by Hannibal Mevri.

After the game, Eriksen said in an official interview with “MUTV,” “It felt very special when I entered Old Trafford. I played from the right, not the left. But it was special and I felt good. It’s been a great day, and wearing a home uniform certainly feels like you need to get used to it. “People welcomed me very much, and I felt good,” he said.

“I didn’t have that many training sessions because the team was on the tour. My legs were weak because I played the game as best as I could. I felt good. “The team atmosphere is good and the overall atmosphere of the locker room is so good,” he added.

On this day, Eriksen mainly played the role of No. 10, but he came down a lot below the centerline to be involved in the build-up. “I play where the coach wants me to play. The director puts forward the formation and I play in the position he directs. If that happens, you could definitely be in a different situation in some games. “I can play the role of No. 8,” he said, adding, “I’m not restricted by my position. 안전놀이터

After the match, Manchester United finished their pre-season schedule. Manchester United is set to play the opening game of the 2022-23 season against Brighton at Old Trafford in Manchester at 10 p.m. on the 7th. Eriksen said, “It hasn’t been long since I came here, but it looks good and the atmosphere of the players is good. That feeling can continue. It starts with the match against Brighton, and it will be a good start,” he said, looking forward to the upcoming season.

BMW, electric vehicle iX, etc. recall…Risk of fire due to faulty battery

BMW, electric vehicle iX, etc. recall…Risk of fire due to faulty battery


Global recall measures are expected to continue on BMW’s new electric vehicles iX and i4.

This is because the possibility of a fire caused by a battery defect has been raised.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on the 1st that it will recall the 2022 BMW i4 e-drive 40, i4 M50, iX x drive 50 and iX M60 after a fire hazard was found.

According to NHTSA, there is a risk of a fire in the vehicle due to damage to the anode plate in the battery cell while charging, and a short circuit of cathode fragments inside the battery.

BMW was already aware of the defect in April.

This is because the i4 e-Drive 40 fire accident occurred in Germany, and the self-investigation found the possibility of battery defects.

Both BMW and NHTSA said no casualties were reported due to the defect.

However, they informed the owners of the vehicles not to drive the car as much as possible until the ▲ recall action ▲ to use an outdoor parking lot to reduce damage in the event of a fire.

Local media reported that the cause and aspect of the BMW recall are similar to last year’s Chevrolet Bolt EV.

In the case of GM, battery defects were discovered shortly after the release of the new bolt in September last year, and as the recall target expanded to the previous generation, it is still suffering from disruptions in production and sales of electric vehicles.

On top of that, during the recall process, the issue of responsibility with LG Energy Solution, a battery re-investigation, emerged.

BMW developed its own batteries, but Samsung SDI and CATL are in charge of mass-production. BMW said it received the battery cell in question from Samsung SDI.

Like the previous Chevrolet Bolt EV case, there is a possibility that a battle with responsibility will occur. 토토사이트