Lee Mi-Joo looks perfect in a miniskirt crop top

Lee Mi-Joo looks perfect in a miniskirt crop top

Lee Mi-Joo

Lee Mi-joo, a broadcaster from the group Lovelyz, delivered a sexy and lovely update.

Lee Mijoo posted several recent photos along with heart emoticons on her Instagram on the 15th.

In the photo, Lee posed in a school uniform-style cropped top costume.

Lee Mijoo added sexiness with a very short skirt and a top with slightly visible abs.

Meanwhile, Lee Mijoo, who was born in 1994 and is 28 years old this year, is from Okcheon, North Chungcheong Province, and debuted in 2014 with Lovelyz’s first full-length album “Girls’ Invasion.”

With a bright and active personality, a member who energizes the members with his bubbly behavior and personality that deviates from the overall tendency of Lovelyz members.

Chris Paul also failed to win the championship.

Chris Paul also failed to win the championship.

Chris Paul

The Phoenix Suns lost 90-123 in Game 7 of the second round against the Dallas Mavericks of the 2022 NBA playoffs at the Phoenix Footprint Center on the 16th (Korea Standard Time).

In Game 7, which took place in the conference final, Phoenix players, who needed to win, were lethargic. Phoenix, who had rarely responded while Luca Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddy were running wild, was dragged by a large score difference from the first half and intuitively felt the defeat.

Phoenix field commander Chris Paul (10 points) bowed his head in Game 7 without meeting expectations. Paul, who had only three points and two assists until the third quarter, belatedly gained strength, but it was not enough to turn the game around. In the first half, Phoenix’s backcoat duo Paul (1 point) and Devin Booker (2 points) scored only three points.

Phoenix was considered the right time to win. Last season, they enjoyed the effect of recruiting Paul, completely breaking the image of the weak team and advancing to the final. The Phoenix team, which continued to run this season, became the first seed in the Western Conference with 64 wins and 18 losses after an overwhelming regular season.

Paul, who was born in 1985, showed some signs of aging, but he filled it with his insane dominance of the match. Phoenix did not lose a single game in the third quarter of the season, thanks to Paul’s performance. 파워볼사이트

Even though Phoenix struggled in the first round, Paul was the driving force behind the victory. Paul, who averaged 22.3 points and 11.3 assists in the first round, sent his team up to the second round with a phenomenal performance in Game 6.

Paul continued his strong performance at the beginning of the second round and had a smooth race. Phoenix also started the series pleasantly with his first two games. Phoenix had already had an absolute advantage over Dallas even against the regular season, and few doubted their victory.

However, Paul cooled sharply from the third round.

Paul, who destroyed himself with seven turnovers in the third game, rarely showed his own image afterwards. The pole averaged 9.4 points, 5.8 assists, and 3.6 turnovers from Game 3 to Game 7. In the end, Phoenix, whose center of the team was shaken, experienced a shocking dropout.

Paul was considered one of the best point guards of his time, but he had no connection to winning. It was also the first time last season to advance to the final. That’s why the desire to win must have been greater than anyone else. But even in his 17th season, he didn’t get a trophy.

Phoenix will have to resolve the issue of re-signing DeAndre Attenne next season. It is so painful to miss this season, which was the right time to win in many ways. Paul, who failed to prevent the team from falling, was in danger of remaining the crownless king.

“Living in Australia for a month.” HYOMIN

“Living in Australia for a month.” HYOMIN, I can’t believe you’re so sexy while eating


T-ara Hyomin showed off her sexy body.

Hyomin posted a photo on her Instagram on the 16th with a message saying, “Adults are Ju Land instead of Legoland.”

In the photo released, Hyomin is having a good meal while eating delicious food at a restaurant.

In particular, Hyomin, wearing a mini dress, boasts a glamorous body, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Hyomin recently made headlines for living in Australia for a month

TWICE ranked 15th among Japanese singers

TWICE ranked 15th among Japanese singers


Asian girl group TWICE was ranked 15th among Japanese favorite singers.

Japan’s Oricon released the 15th “Favorite Singer Ranking” on the 24th, which surveyed 20,000 people from October 29 to November 15.

Arashi came in first and Namie Amuro came in second, followed by Nogizaka 46, Mr. Children, and Hikaru Utada.

Smurf, who disbanded in 2016, still showed off his fandom by ranking 13th.

TWICE was the only Korean singer to be named in the rankings, which announced a total of 50th place.

In the survey of female musicians only, it ranked ninth, and in the ranking by generation, it ranked sixth among teenagers’ favorite musicians, showing potential for growth.

TWICE is said to have reignited the third generation of Hallyu in Japan.

This year, it topped the Tower Records “Top 10 K-pop singer-released albums” category with its first regular Japanese album “BDZ,” and ranked eighth in the “annual album ranking” in Oricon. 안전공원

For his single album Wake Me Up, he received the 60th Japan Record Awards Award for Outstanding Work hosted by TBS Broadcasting Station.

TWICE will also appear at NHK’s Hongbaek Song Contest, Japan’s most prestigious year-end song festival, for the second consecutive year on the 31st.

Next year, it will be the first Korean girl group to embark on a dome tour in Japan.

Tottenham, backup winger, eventually in order to be released

Tottenham, backup winger, eventually in order to be released


Steven Berwein is expected to leave Tottenham Hotspur in the end.

Verbain left PSV Eindhoven in January 2020 to join Tottenham. In his debut match against Manchester City, he scored his debut goal, but his performance was disappointing. Last season, Gareth Bale, a loanee, did not play many games.

At the beginning of this season, he was also behind Lucas Moura in the main competition. As a result, the possibility of leaving the team in the transfer market in January was mentioned. In particular, there were rumors that Ajax wanted Verbine, but there was no specific transfer activity. Verwein has now played 24 English Premier League games. However, there are only four starts.

Eventually, rumors of a transfer broke out once again. “Tottenham is expected to sell some players at a lower transfer fee than before to secure funds for recruitment,” said Charlie Ekleshare, a reporter for the British Athletic. Giovanni Lo Celso, including Verbine, and Tangi Ndombele are subject to disposal,” he claimed.

Tottenham, which appointed Antonio Conte during the season, is planning to recruit him in the transfer market this summer. Most positions, including front-line strikers, central midfielders, side defenders, center backs and goalkeepers, need to be reinforced. As a significant transfer fee is required, the reorganization of the existing team should be preceded.

Michael Bridge, a reporter for Britain’s Sky Sports, also said, “Berwein may be a player who is considering a disposition saying, ‘If you sell it, you can get some money.’ It would be very shocking if he didn’t leave. “Even if it’s not Ajax, I think he’ll move to another team.”

Tottenham are considering recruiting Dejan Kulusevsky, who was brought on loan this winter. Kulusevsky made a strong impression by scoring three goals and eight assists in 17 games in the second half of the EPL. The Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Kulusevsky Triangle Squadron are expected to operate next season, so even if Verbine leaves, you only need to find appropriate backup resources. 토토추천

Berwein, along with Ajax, is said to be a potential destination for AC Milan. Tottenham paid 30 million € for Verbain. If you think it is necessary to dispose of it, you can also listen to an offer of a lower amount. Currently, the market value of Verbain is valued at 18 million €.

JISOO, the doll’s visual that shined during the trip to Jeju Island

JISOO, the doll’s visual that shined during the trip to Jeju Island


BLACKPINK Jisoo shared her daily life.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Ji-Soo posted photos on her Instagram with a message saying, “The sun was bright and Snoopy was cute.”

In the released photo, Ji-Soo is wearing a black bucket hat and a flower-patterned dress, leaving a proof shot with Peanuts characters.토토추천

Peanuts characters in harmony with his doll-like visuals draw attention.

Earlier, Jisoo received attention by announcing that she had traveled to Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, Ji-soo, who was born in 1995, debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016, and took her first step as an actor through the drama “Snow Reinforcement.”

Sujin from (G)I-DLE, Bird’s Nest in Big Planet Maid

Sujin from (G)I-DLE, Bird’s Nest in Big Planet Maid


Singer Soo-jin, a former member of the group’s children, will build a bird’s nest.

According to the YTN star report on the 11th, Su-jin decided to move to Big Planet Made Entertainment.

The Big Planet Maid currently includes Soyou, VIVIZ, Huh Gak, Ha Sung-woon, Lee Moo-jin, P.O., Mighty Mouse, and Cho Soo-min.

In addition, Soo-jin is expected to join the team to grow in earnest.

Earlier, Su-jin was embroiled in a controversy over school violence in February last year. At that time, Su-jin complained of unfairness, but left the team six months after the controversy.

Since then, he has terminated his exclusive contract with his original company Cube Entertainment in March this year.

Soo-jin made her debut in the music industry in 2018 as a member of the group (G)I-DLE. Soo-jin was the main dancer and sub vocalist of the group.

BTS New album may be delayed due to concerns raised

BTS New album may be delayed due to concerns raised


With the release date of the new album Proof  of the group BTS approaching, mixed reactions from “ARMY” (fandom names) continued.

It was revealed that Jung Bobby, who is currently on trial for illegal filming of sex, participated in the composition of the song was included in the new album BTS.

BTS The agency Big Hit Music released the track list of “Proof” one after another from the 9th to the 11th.

Among them, there is a controversy among fans over “Filter” in which Jung Bobby participated.안전공원

Jeong Bobby, a former member of the indie band “Autumn Vacation,” was put on trial in October 2020 on charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Violence and Sexual Violence Crimes (photographing using cameras).

Jeong Bobby is accused of assaulting a woman A who was dating and illegally filming sex videos.

Police raided Jung Bobby’s home and found several illegally filmed videos between July and September 2020.

Bobby Chung is also accused of illegally filming another victim, B.

Initially, B’s bereaved family filed a complaint against Jung Bobby on charges of rape and injury, but the prosecution cleared him of charges due to insufficient evidence.

Immediately after B’s bereaved family appealed, the Seoul High Prosecutors’ Office acknowledged the need for a supplementary investigation, and the Seoul Western Prosecutors’ Office, which was investigating A’s case, re-investigated it.

B made an extreme choice in April 2020, leaving a suicide note saying, “I was hurt and suffered by a person.”

On B’s cell phone, conversations appealing to acquaintances were reportedly found, such as “I got drunk” and “I belatedly found out that I couldn’t do anything better.”

Meanwhile, “Filter” was also included in BTS’s February 2020 release album, and is a solo song by member Jimin. At that time, it was not a problem until the Jeong Barbie case was known.

Big Hit Music said, “This album is designed to show why BTS, who has been working together for 9 years respecting each other’s tastes and colors, shines.”

“In particular, the songs on the second CD were selected by the seven members themselves,” he said.

Fans and Internet users who confirmed the decision voiced criticism.

The online community said, “I don’t know if the victim had to include it in the new album at a time when he made an extreme choice.”

“Does the agency include sex offenders’ songs in the album?” “The agency that makes sex offenders earn money.” “Please deal with it.” BTSIf you tag me, will you take responsibility?

“It’s a meaningful song. Even if I put it in, I would have taken out Jung Bobby’s name,” he said, expressing disappointment.

Some fans and Internet users are also sensing boycotts. In the online community,

“Fans should boycott criminal songs,” he said and pre-purchased Proof He also posted a proof shot that canceled the payment.

On the other hand, some are skeptical about the boycott, along with criticism that it is excessive. In the online community,

“When did it come out? It’s controversial”. “I think BTS is the best in the industry, so the standards are strict”

“These days, negative posts related to BTS continue to be posted, and it seems to have been targeted by a specific organization,” he said.

Red Velvet’s Joy, pure white summer fashion

Red Velvet’s Joy, pure white summer fashion, “Snow”…”Peek your belly button”

Red Velvet's Joy

Joy showed off her outfit that made her feel cool just by looking at it.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Joy released several photos on her Instagram, drawing attention.

In the released photo, Joey coordinated a shirt that was so thin that it could be seen inside.

Unbuttoned, Joey showed off his skinny waist.

Joy’s innocence has been upgraded with white clothes that contrast with Joy’s black hair.

The ring and earrings that were given as points added cuteness.

Red Velvet’s Joy also showed off his microfiber legs with his short skirt.

Joy, who added coolness to the bottom of the same material as the top, smiled at the camera while posing in various poses.

Fans who saw such pictures of Joy responded, “Joy is pretty today as well,” and “Cute to show your belly button.”

Red Velvet's Joy

Meanwhile, the group Red Velvet, which includes Joy, released its mini-album “Phil My Rhythm” in March and performed music activities.