NMIX, shocking customized face dress

NMIX, shocking customized face dress


Shock costumes with NMIX’s face are a hot topic.

On the 6th, luxury brand R released a pictorial of Global Ambassador NMIX.

The brand said that NMIX’s bold energy was combined with Roebe’s creative vision for the future and completed a wonderful collaboration.

In particular, the costume that became the talk of the town is a colorful face print dress. Lily, Hae-won, Seol-yoon, Genie, Bae, Ji-woo, and Gyu-jin are posing in a custom-made dress with their faces, drawing attention.

Netizens who encountered the costume are showing enthusiastic reactions such as “What is fashion?” “It seems like a penalty,” “Are you selling it?” “How can this outfit be 4.4 million won?” and “It’s so weird.”

Meanwhile, NMIX released its second single “ENTWURF” (entwerp) in September and worked as the title song “DICE”.

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