Nexen Tire Marking in Zlatan Ac Milan Uniform

Nexen Tire Marking in Zlatan Ac Milan Uniform

Nexen Tire
The Nexen Tire logo will be engraved on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s uniform.

AC Milan announced on the club’s website on the 25th that they signed a sponsorship contract with Nexen Tire.

AC Milan said, “We are pleased to announce that Nexen Tire, one of the world’s largest companies in the tire industry, has become a new partner for the club.”

NexenTire will officially sponsor AC Milan for three years from the 2021-22 season with the signing of the partnership.

“The two brands share strong values,” AC Milan said.

As part of the new partnership, NexenTire aims to strengthen its brand position in the Italian market by increasing visibility at the San Siro Stadium and connecting with strong and reputable brands at the international level.

“We have joined hands with AC Milan, a fantastic club of great players, and we are looking forward to a successful partnership in the upcoming soccer season,” said John Bosco Kim, senior vice president of NexenTire Europe.토토사이트

NexenTire has expanded its stake in the European football market by signing as an AC Milan sponsor. NexenTire is also a sponsor of Manchester City in the English Premier League and Einlacht Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga.

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