Neowiz, “P’s False,” is a 10-piece lineup in 2023.

Neowiz, “P’s False,” is a 10-piece lineup in 2023.


Neowiz, who received attention for its “False of P,” which won three gold medals at the Gamescom Awards last year, will begin its new work momentum this year. New businesses such as blockchain games are also on track.

According to the game industry on the 4th, Neowiz (CEO Kim Seung-chul and Bae Tae-geun) is planning to release more than 10 lineups in 2023. It consists of games that can be played on PC, console, and mobile platforms.

The core of this is the falsehood of P, which has emerged as a global expected work. The game is a soul-like single action RPG adaptation of the classic Fiocio, featuring realistic graphics and tense battles set in the Bellefolk era in the late 19th century. It will be released globally as a PC and console platform within this year.

P’s lie was at Gamescom in Germany last year.
▲ The most anticipated PlayStation game
▲Best Action Adventure Game
▲ won the best role-playing game and set a record of ‘the first Korean game company to win three Gamescom titles’. At the G-Star 2022 held at the end of the year, attention was drawn to the extent that the waiting line to demonstrate the demo version exceeded three hours on weekends. It was also selected as the “Game of G-Star 2022” selected by the Korea Game Journalists Club under the Korea Game Media Association.

“Brown Dust 2” is also an anticipated new film. The game, which is being developed for release in the first half of this year, is the next work of Neowiz’s flagship RPG “Brown Dust.” The global pre-experience test will be conducted in January. In addition, the main lineup includes open-world survival shooter games, 2D action flat-former games “San Butterfly,” and undisclosed games based on famous Japanese animation IP.

It is also focusing on securing its own IP. In particular, among the 10 new works scheduled to be released this year, all new works, except for three, including Sannabi, are games developed by Neowiz. The number of subsidiaries is also increasing. In 2020, Quest Games and Superplex were incorporated as subsidiaries to introduce “Drew and Dungeon” and “Raising Death Knight” in the global market, and in 2021, it strengthened its casual lineup by acquiring and merging Sticky Hands and Gemplit and Hyde.

Among them, Heidea’s “Cat and Soup” proved its IP’s potential and competitiveness by accumulated 30 million downloads, maintaining 1 million daily users (DAU) and ranking 20th in popularity in Apple’s app store. It is also planning to expand its business using cat and soup IP. In July last year, Daewon Media signed a license agreement with Cat for Soup IP and started developing P2E games with Arum Games. In December, it also entered Netflix, a global entertainment streaming service.

Neowiz will also introduce a blockchain platform specialized in games this year. In August last year, the company announced its plan to launch ‘Intela X’, a web3 blockchain game platform, in collaboration with Polygon.

Intella X is aiming for a user-friendly platform. In addition to games, it plans to enter the global blockchain market by providing its own platform services such as DEX (decentralized exchange), NFT lunchpad, NFT exchange, and web3 mobile wallet “IX Wallet.”

Blockchain game lineup will also be introduced one after another. It plans to sequentially onboard two games using cat and soup IP, “A.V.A,” “Crypto Golf Impact,” and “Brave Nine.” In particular, cats and soups will be introduced in a version that combines social game (SNG) genre and P&E system. The NFT project ERCC (Early Retired Cats Club) using cat characters will also be held.

Support for indie games will also continue this year. Starting with “Skull,” Neowiz has released indie games such as “Metal Unit,” “Blade Assault,” “Death Yeoak,” “Dandy Ace,” “Sannabi” and “Unsold” in formal and early access stages. Among them, Skull surpassed 1 million global sales after its official launch in 2021, and Aka drew attention by winning two awards at the Gamescom 2022 Indie Arena Booth Awards, being selected as the Best Unity Game and the “2022 Indie Community Choice Awards.”

Sannabi, which is being developed with the goal of launching in the first half of this year, has received an “overwhelmingly positive (97%)” evaluation since the launch of Steam Early Access in June. In addition, the possibility of success is gradually increasing, winning the Indie Game Award at the 2022 Korea Game Awards.

Neowiz said, “We will show our expertise and know-how in the areas of game ‘development’ and ‘investment’ throughout 2023 to give users a fresh game experience.”

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