MLB tour, it was impossible in the first place

MLB tour, it was impossible in the first place

MLB tour

All the officials tilted their heads. He was well aware that Korean big leaguers such as Kim Ha-sung and Choi Ji-man could not guarantee success even if they participated. Stars familiar to Korean baseball fans such as Clayton Kershaw and Manny Machado, as well as top players such as Ohtani Shohei and Aaron Judge, had to cross the Pacific Ocean to win. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has also expressed concerns over the Major League Baseball (MLB) world tour rather than expectations.

The MLB World Tour Korea Series was eventually canceled. The MLB Secretariat notified KBO on the 29th that it will cancel the event as it has a hard time forming players. With two weeks left until the first game, he simply decided to “cancel the battle.” Lee Dae-ho, who prepared for the World Tour at Sajik Stadium after retirement, KBO League players who participated in preparation for the World Baseball Classic the following year, and fans sat down and suffered damage.

But maybe it’s better. Cancellation is better than forcing a world tour. Considering the ticket price that was not realistic at all and the disappointing MLB player composition, the box office defeat was clear. There were a lot of problems from the preparation process to the point of cancellation. 토토사이트

It’s not the first event I tried. Since many years ago, the MLB Secretariat has wanted to host an all-star tour in Korea like Japan and Taiwan. MLB players drew a picture of them facing the KBO League All-Star at Gocheok Dome in the off-season. However, it has always faced a cost issue. It was not profitable to meet MLB players’ remarkably high participation allowances. Raising ticket prices was not realistic, and lowering ticket prices could not meet the players’ ransom. The MLB tour was impossible unless a large sponsor was attracted, so several plans have already been canceled.

KBO was also well aware of this situation. In May, a KBO official said, “I think the official opening game of MLB in Japan would be better than the MLB World Tour.” San Diego, where Kim Ha-sung belongs, and the LA Dodgers, which are familiar with Korean baseball fans, are more likely to be more successful than the MLB World Tour.

Players familiar to fans have stronger ticket power than players included in the world tour entry. Prior to the opening game between San Diego and the Dodgers, it could draw more attention for the KBO League club to play an event game in the nature of an exhibition game against them. Like the opening game between Seattle and Oakland in Japan in 2019, hosting MLB regular season games is also effective in trying to boom up the new season.

Professional baseball is a local sport. Interest in domestic professional league games is often hotter than international competitions that participate on behalf of countries or leagues. So did MLB. In the case of the 2006 and 2009 WBC, there was a greater interest in MLB clubs than in the U.S. national team. Many fans opposed the participation of cheering team players in the WBC due to injuries and concerns over their condition.

Formal team formation is meaningless, with super-special players not gathering. If you expected a packed crowd simply as an MLB player, this is a misjudgment of the MLB secretariat.

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