Miles Bridges arrested for domestic violence

Miles Bridges arrested for domestic violence

Miles Bridges

Myles Bridges of Charlotte Hornets did a terrible job a day before the FA.

TMZ Sports, an affiliate of the U.S. media Fox Corporation, reported on the afternoon of the 29th (Korea Standard Time) that “Miles Bridges of the NBA was arrested for serious domestic violence.”

Bridges was jailed Tuesday in a local prison for a physical altercation, according to the media. A U.S. legal official said, “Bridge and a woman had an argument and turned into physical violence. The bridge had also disappeared when police arrived at the scene. “We heard from the police that she needed to be treated,” he said.

Bridges was eventually arrested Wednesday afternoon after turning himself in to the LAPD. He was released on $130,000 bail. Bridges is now charged with a felony charge of hospitalizing a woman.

Bridges is 6ft 6in (225lb) in size and has been loved by Charlotte fans for his bellicose dunk. In addition, it has blossomed its potential in the 21-22 season ahead of the FA. In that season, he played in 80 games, scoring an average of 20.2 points in 35.5 minutes, 5.6 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and field pitching success rates of 47% and 3 points, 35%.

Bridges’ share of the team can be seen in detail stats. He recorded the highest level in the team with WS (winning contribution) 7.2, and took second place after Lamelo Ball (20) with VOP (productivity compared to substitute players) 2.5.

Meanwhile, for Bridges, there will be a dark future this season. Bridges has been ranked No. 1 in the small forward position among FA players for four years. Bridges has made it difficult for him to touch large sums of money. He has also been appointed as an important player since this season, but he is in a position to lose his chance to play.

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