Mbappe, I don’t want to play with Messi.

Mbappe, I don’t want to play with Messi.

Mbappe Messi

Killian Mbappe appears to prefer a transfer to playing with Lionel Messi.

An all-time transfer has been made. “We have completed recruiting Messi,” Paris Saint-Germain said on the club’s website on the 11th. The contract period is two years and there is an option to extend it by one year,” the official statement said. Messi is expected to travel around the stadium with his number 30.

Recently, Messi and Barcelona’s 20-year relationship ended. Messi, who played 778 official matches in Barcelona alone, scored 672 goals and 205 assists, and lifted numerous championships, including 10 wins in the Spanish Primera Liga and four in the European Champions League, was literally a symbol and legend of the team.

Messi, whose contract with Barcelona expired at the end of June, remained strong after Copa America. Barcelona, which wanted Messi, also immediately opened the negotiating table. However, Barcelona, which reportedly exceeded La Liga’s wage cap, officially declared that it had failed to renew its contract with Messi due to structural and financial problems.

PSG immediately jumped into the recruitment. With Messi joining, PSG will have the strongest offense along with Neymar and Kilian Mbappe. PSG, which recruited Neymar and Mbappe at the same time in 2017, reached the final of the European Champions League for the first time in the club’s history in the 2019-20 season. In addition to Messi, he will once again win the European stage, which is his club’s desire.

In this situation, a variable occurred. French football expert Thibo Bezirien (T.V.) said on his SNS on the 12th, “Mbappe wants to leave PSG. He prefers to go to Real Madrid this summer or become a free agent next summer. He said a few weeks ago that he had no intention of playing with Messi.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG expires next summer. Unlike Neymar, he was delaying his contract renewal and is strongly connected to Real. “I want to play for a team that can always compete for the championship,” Mbappe said after losing the French league title last season due to a reel.토토사이트

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