“Maple Story” collaboration teaser video with BLACKPINK…

“Maple Story” collaboration teaser video with BLACKPINK will be released

Maple Story

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced a collaboration project with “MapleStory” and global artist BLACKPINK on the 6th and released a teaser video.

The teaser video released shows BLACKPINK members talking about their thoughts, experiences, and items they have about “MapleStory” fashion and passionately suggesting various ideas while participating in the development of “Maple Story” fashion items.

Nexon plans to release the first and second main episodes in the teaser video.

The first episode features the process of identifying the “MapleStory” coordination trend as BLACKPINK members speculate on the user selection results of the “2022 Maple Coordination Tournament” in advance.

The second episode plans to showcase the process of designing collaboration items by BLACKPINK members themselves.

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