Manager Mainz said, “Lee Jae-sung is an important player in the..

Manager Mainz said, “Lee Jae-sung is an important player in the team…”The same goes for the future.”


Bosbenson, head coach of FSV Mainz 05 of the Bundesliga, recently spoke about a blog post written by Lee Jae-sung.

In an interview with German media Kicker on the 2nd, Svensson mentioned a recent blog post written by Lee Jae-sung.

South Korea’s national soccer team midfielder Lee Jae-sung wrote on his blog on the 26th of last month, “I think there will be a time for change after the Qatar World Cup,” adding, “It could be June and we don’t know when.”

“I want to grow once again in a different environment, whether in other European countries or Germany. I’m the one who always sought change. I think it’s the right time again. “Maybe it’s also the last time we can make a change,” he said, hinting at the possibility of a transfer.

Lee Jae-sung, who signed a three-year contract with Mainz in the summer of 2021, has only a year left in his contract by June 2023.

With the contract nearing its expiration, coach Svensson could not hide his surprise when Lee Jae-sung publicly expressed his desire to transfer.

Director Svensson said, “Lee Jae-sung’s writing surprised me. “Sometimes errors can occur in the translation process, as in watching American movies with Danish subtitles,” he said.

He then stressed the importance of Lee Jae-sung, saying, “I see him as an important player for Mainz, and this is not limited to the next few months, but it will continue to be the same.”

Lee Jae-sung, who plays as the core of the Korean national team’s midfield, is also being used as the engine of the midfield in Mainz.

Lee Jae-sung, who is playing in all league games this season, has appeared in 16 games so far, scoring two goals and one assist in all tournaments, and has created the fourth-largest number of opportunities in the team with 13 opportunities. 토토사이트

Coach Svensson expressed great satisfaction with Lee Jae-sung’s performance and hopes to remain, but Lee Jae-sung expressed his desire to challenge the bigger stage, putting a question mark on his future.

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