Man City, we’ve got 150 million more for Kane.

Man City, we’ve got 150 million more for Kane.


The Guardian reported on the 12th that “Manchester City is ready to pay up to 150 million euros for Kane’s transfer fee.”

Tottenham Hotspur Chairman Daniel Levy has earlier vowed not to sell Kane for less than 160 million £.

Manchester City maintained its position that it could not exceed 120 million £. That’s because Aston Villa have already spent 100 million £ on signing Jack Grillish.

Kane was absent from Tottenham preseason training and expressed his intention to transfer.

The transfer negotiations have stalled as Tottenham have not budged. “If Tottenham doesn’t negotiate, it’s over,” said manager Pep Guardiola of Manchester City.

The opening of the Premier League in the 2021-2020 season is just a day away. Manchester City still haven’t found a replacement for striker Sergio Aguero, who left for FC Barcelona. Man City and Tottenham will face each other in the first round on the 16th.

Manchester City, whose feet were on fire, eventually retreated. It lifted the ceiling, which had been nailed at 120 million £. 150 million euros is about 127 million £. It is up 7 million pounds from the previous position. However, it is far below Tottenham’s 160 million £ demand.안전놀이터

Kane is expected to join Tottenham this weekend, according to the Guardian. Attention is focusing on whether dramatic transfer negotiations will be concluded.

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