Magic Johnson’s suggestion, Chris Paul, AD, LeBron Big Three

Magic Johnson’s suggestion, Chris Paul, AD, LeBron Big Three, LA Lakers, is it realistically possible.

Chris Paul

Will Chris Paul be able to join the Los Angeles Lakers? Will it be able to form the strongest “Big Three” in history?

Chris Paul has maximized his value with the Phoenix Suns this season. Joining the team this season, he placed Phoenix in the second place in the western part of the regular league and in the playoffs. 파워볼사이트

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson said on his social media on the 22nd (Korea time) that if Chris Paul refuses to sign the Phoenix Suns, his best friends LeBron James and the Lakers can contact him immediately.

Will it be realistically possible? It is theoretically possible.

Chris Paul is contracted with Phoenix from 2021 to 2022. However, there is a player option. It can receive about $44.21 million next season. Paul can choose to stay, or he can renew his contract with other teams as an FA after refusing.

Phoenix lost to Milwaukee 2-4 in this season’s championship match, but can once again challenge the big three, including Paul, Diandre Aiton and Devin Booker.

However, in 16 seasons, Paul has never won a single ring. If he moves to the Los Angeles Lakers, his chances of winning are even greater. In other words, the player option can be activated to sign a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The problem is realistically sparse. The Los Angeles Lakers organized the celery caps well. The next season’s contracts include LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Centavius Caldwell Pope, Kyle Kuzma, Montreszle Heral and Mark Gasol. LeBron and Davis are paid a total of $76 million a year, and Caldwell Pope and Kuzma are on a contract of approximately $13 million. In other words, there is no particular malicious contract.

However, there are not many salary caps available to Paul except for the salaries of key cores. It’s only about half the salary Phoenix can give Paul. Of course, even if the Los Angeles Lakers use a number of cases, Paul has to make a “pay cut” from his existing salary.

Paul may make a fake cut for the winning ring. However, this part is not easy either. Paul is the president of the players’ union. His position is not easy to ‘pay cut’. On behalf of a player, he is based on earning as much salary as possible.

Phoenix because of challenging once more in championship rings that can be doing ‘pay cut’ to la, move on to the Lakers don’t have to challenges.

Paul and the Los Angeles Lakers are not meant to be. Paul pushed for a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers when he was in New Orleans. But David Stern has suspended the trade. In 2013, the Los Angeles Lakers lacked a salary cap to recruit Paul. The same is true of this season. Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s possible this season, but it’s not easy to continue.

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