Luca Doncic Declares War on Weight [NBA]

Luca Doncic Declares War on Weight

Luca Doncic

Doncic is enthusiastically playing off-season.

Trainer Anji Machek, who is helping Luca Doncic’s training, talked about Doncic’s physical condition in an interview with the media on the 9th (Korea Standard Time).

Doncic, the next superstar who will lead the NBA, faced a lot of criticism last season due to factors other than basketball. He was somewhat sluggish than expected at the beginning of the season, but his appearance of playing with weight gain continued to draw attention.

“Luca Doncic is already a superstar,” said Legend Reggie Miller. But he can be better. You need to lose more weight. Doncic is running slowly around the court now,” he said.

Doncic, who lost weight over the season, showed improvement. Doncic, who continued to be active in the playoffs, led the team to the conference final.

Doncic was also well aware of weight problems. “The weight issue was my mistake,” Doncic said in an interview at the end of the season. “I didn’t prepare for the physical aspect in the offseason,” he said, reflecting on himself.

Doncic, who vowed not to repeat the same mistake, declared a war on weight this summer. Machek, who is helping Doncic with off-season training, talked about how actively Doncic is training.

“Not long after the end of the season, I was immediately contacted by Luca Doncic to start physical training. He asked me for a training plan when he went on vacation. “I trained with Goran Draghic for three weeks, and the Slovenian national team schedule continued.”

Don Qiqi is still active and active. “I communicate with Doncic almost every day, and he’s in good shape,” he added.

If the talent and physical preparation that you already have are perfect, Doncic will gain the power to become a stronger player. Machek said he believes Doncic, who recognizes the importance of steady season preparation, can grow into a scarier player.

Machek said, “Donchichi is very strong and has special powers. It is the basis of Doncic’s deceleration ability, and that is why it can make changes in direction and rhythm. And that power will develop over the years. Doncic is increasingly aware of the importance of physical preparation. That’s why I believe in Doncic’s development.”

Doncic has already had a perfect career, being named to the All-NBA First Team three times in four seasons. What kind of performance will Doncic, who will appear in front of fans next season in a thoroughly managed physical condition? 코인파워볼

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