Looking at the full change of Hyundai Motor’s Grandeur

Looking at the full change of Hyundai Motor’s Grandeur


Hyundai Motor released the Grandeur Full Change on the 14th. As the new Grandeur inherited Grandeur’s legacy in the past, the identity and grandeur of the flagship sedan were emphasized with a luxurious feeling such as two-row electric reclining seats and two-row door electric curtains. It is reminiscent of the first-generation Equus position in the past. The price starts at 37.16 million won. 안전놀이터

The new Grandeur runs on 2.5 gasoline, 3.5 gasoline, 3.5 LPG and 1.6 gasoline turbo hybrids. Prices start at 37.16 million won for gasoline, 38.63 million won for LPG, and 43.76 million won for hybrid. Hybrid is the price before tax benefits are applied, and the price will be disclosed after the completion of the eco-friendly car notice.

Based on the third-generation platform, the new Grandeur has a body size of 5035mm in length, 1,880mm in width, 1,460mm in height, and 2,895mm in wheelbase. Compared to previous generations, the total length increased by 45mm, the wheelbase increased by 10mm, and the rear overhang by 50mm. It is the first generation Equus position of Hyundai Motor’s front wheel drive flagship in the past.

The new Grandeur exterior reflects Hyundai’s new lighting design, including horizontal LED lamps, as well as all-time Grandeur design elements. Frameless doors, flag-type side mirrors, and C pillar opera glasses are representative. The 20-inch high-brightness sputtering wheel is based on the design of the first-generation Grandeur wheel.

Calligraphy, a high-end trim, has a unique pattern on the front parametric pattern grill, and is differentiated from ordinary models such as dedicated wheels, DLO molding, and dark chrome-finished rear bumper bottom garnish. You can choose black ink with an all-black concept applied to major internal/external points such as emblems.

The interior is equipped with a wide display consisting of a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and display, an integrated 10.25-inch air conditioning controller, and a column-type electronic shift lever. The 10.25-inch integrated air conditioning controller supports haptic reactions and can set key functions to suit the driver’s taste, such as favorites.

The one-spoke-style steering wheel, which contains the perfume of the first-generation Grandeur, operates in conjunction with vehicle manipulation and voice recognition by placing LED lights on the central horn cover. The interactive ambient mood lamp in the crash pad garnish part emphasizes the connection between the driver and the car by emitting various colors for each scenario.


Eco-friendly values such as antibacterial artificial leather, natural dyed napa leather, and eco-friendly pigment color were also considered. The antibacterial treatment material is luxurious with a soft touch. It is the first in its class to provide two-row seat reclining and two-row door-powered curtains that lie down at a back angle of up to 8 degrees with a one-

The sense of interior space is grandeur. In the second row, even if the first row seats are set freely, there is a large leg room for a 180-centimeter-tall man to sit. Unlike the Kia K8, which is a competitive model, it also has plenty of headroom space. All seats have a somewhat rigid seating. When the auto-flush door handle is deployed, operating noise flows into the room.

Indoor quietness has been strengthened, including a triple sealing structure that blocks wind noise around the frameless door, double-joined sound insulation glass including opera glasses, increased thickness of A pillar fixing windows, road noise reduction technology ANC-R, and all trim sound absorption tires. A new preview electronic control suspension option has been introduced.

The new Grandeur is equipped with UV-C sterilization function that removes harmful bacteria, 10 airbag systems with first-row center side airbags, BOSE premium sound, fingerprint authentication, digital key 2, and QHD resolution built-in cam 2. Powertrain performance has increased, and ‘E-motion Drive’ has been applied to hybrid.

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