Lia a member of girl group ITZY

ITZY LIA’s face of youth


Lia a member of girl group ITZY, started her first solo pictorial.

Lia, who is hosting the world tour “CHECKMATE,” revealed moments like a break. In the photo shoot released on the 22nd, Lia revealed her youth energy with her unique stuttering face under natural light, not stage lighting

In an interview conducted after the photo shoot, Lia expressed ITZY’s feelings about their first world tour. Seven months after the tour began, he said, “At first, it was awkward to travel from place to place in a large concert hall. However, I definitely enjoyed interacting with fans in every corner. There is also a way to release physical strength,” he said.

Lia said, “In many cities where I went on a tour, even if I wasn’t hungry, I diligently ate delicious food, saying, ‘You have to eat this.'”

As for the moment when ITZY still feels “just like us,” he said, “We are always trying to spread healthy and positive energy, whether on stage or in daily life,” adding, “The energy generated when five people gather together is good.” “Even if it’s small, there are many moments when we feel happy among ourselves,” he said.

When asked if he is enjoying the moments in front of him properly, as in the message of his most recently released title song “Cheshire,” he said, “I think I’m living hard. The fact that those feelings are deeply touched when you are in trouble or happy seems to be proof that you are truly walking. I hope we can run more leisurely in the future based on our best steps,” he said

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