Lee Kang-in is likely to go to PL…”Rich team.” Newcastle is also..

Lee Kang-in is likely to go to PL…”Rich team.” Newcastle is also making money.

Lee Kang-in

There are many teams that want Lee Kang-in. Especially, Premier League teams are active.

Spanish media “Marca” said Lee Kang-in could leave Mallorca on the 8th. Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Burnley and Feyenoord are very interested in recruiting Lee Kang-in, he reported.

Lee Kang-in left Valencia, who has played since his youth last year, and joined Mallorca. Last season, his position was unstable, losing the main competition.

However, he has been reborn as a leading player representing the team beyond Mallorca’s built-in midfielder this season. At the 2022 Qatar World Cup, he played on the ground with the Taegeuk mark. When Lee Kang-in played, Majorca and the Korean national team’s performance increased significantly.

The strengths are creative play, accurate kicks, and passes seen in the midfield. Physical fights and defensive participation, which were considered disadvantages, quickly improved.

There are several teams targeting Lee Kang-in`s in the January transfer market. One of the reasons is that the ransom is cheap compared to the ability.

Spanish media ‘Lerevo’ said on the 9th, “Mayorca has set Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee at 15 million euros, including options.” “I’m waiting for another team’s official offer,” he said.

In particular, Newcastle, the richest club in the Premier League, moved. Newcastle is releasing a huge amount of money after being acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. In the transfer market, he greatly increased his power in a short period of time by storm shopping. 안전놀이터

He is seeing a significant investment effect from 11th place in the Premier League last season to 3rd place this season. At this rate, he can also play in the UEFA Champions League next season. Lee Kang-in’s willingness to recruit is also known to be the most active compared to other teams.

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