Lee Junn-Ho, World Vision Ambassador’s 10th Anniversary,

Lee Junn-Ho, World Vision Ambassador’s 10th Anniversary, “I’m happy to share.”

Singer and actor Lee Joon-ho expressed his meaningful feelings to mark the 10th anniversary of the ambassador for the international relief and development NGO World Vision (hereinafter referred to as World Vision).

Lee Junn-Ho

Lee Joon-ho first established a relationship with World Vision in 2011 with the sponsorship of children in Ethiopia and Ghana. The following year, on July 27, 2012, he was officially appointed as an ambassador for World Vision and worked for the next 10 years to give warm hands to places in need of warmth. In 2022, the 10th year since Lee Jun-ho spread his good influence as a World Vision ambassador, a surprise event was held to commemorate it a day before Christmas.

The event was a surprise event prepared by World Vision and sponsors who started sponsoring the EBS program Global Project Sharing, which included Lee Joon-ho’s volunteer work in Ethiopia in 2012, and music director Shin Bong-won, who accompanied the volunteer work at the time. On top of that, a congratulatory video and a thank-you plaque delivery ceremony sent by Felmeta, an Ethiopian-sponsored child who has been linked to Lee Joon-ho for 10 years, were filled with warm greetings and heartwarming times.

A supporter who attended the meeting said, “I started sponsorship for the first time after watching a broadcast that Lee Joon-ho went to Ethiopia 10 years ago. Ten years later, I turned 24 years old, Lee Joon-ho’s age at the time. “I sincerely thank Lee Joon-ho for helping me do good things,” he said. “Pelmeta, an Ethiopian-sponsored child, recalled his time with Lee Joon-ho through the video and expressed his gratitude, saying that his encouragement and support became the driving force of my life and dreamed of becoming a lawyer.” Lee Joon-ho said, “It’s the biggest surprise of my life. I’m so touched and thankful. I was happy to share the past 10 years with World Vision. So it’s a memory that I can say with confidence everywhere. It was a 10-year journey that was possible because many people helped. I will continue to do well,” he said. In particular, he said to Felmeta, “I remember the heart and time that I was excited when I first went to Ethiopia vividly. Felmetta has been a great strength and reward in my life. No matter what dream you have, you cheer for that dream, so you can challenge yourself as much as you want and be happier than anyone else in that time. I hope I can be a driving force in life for others,” he responded.

Lee Joon-ho continues to do good deeds and share with World Vision. In 2015 and 2017, it set up a booth to promote children’s sponsorship programs and led domestic and foreign fans to participate, and delivered KRW 26 million in donations for the Ethiopian drinking water business with HOTTEST (Fandom name: HOTTEST). In 2018, he directly participated in various events, including the Global 6K For Water campaign, and in February 2020, he started sponsoring a domestic child through World Vision, and in March of the same year, he delivered KRW 30 million in emergency relief for children suffering from COVID-19.

In April 2021, JYP Entertainment and World Vision agreed to sponsor children’s medical expenses, and as part of this, they carried out a funding project for Mongolian children suffering from a cold wave in August last year to present a total of 1,100 eco-friendly comers with fans.

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