Lee Junhyuk is the main character while he’s finally saying

Lee Junhyuk is the main character while he’s finally saying hello to romance

Lee Junhyuk

Actor Lee Joon-hyuk chose romance as his next story.

As a result of exclusive coverage of Star News on the 22nd, it was confirmed that Lee Joon-hyuk was cast in the new drama ‘Greetings’ (tentative title).

Greeting is a full-fledged care romance drama between Yoo Eun-ho, the secretary of childcare independence, and Kang Ji-yoon, the CEO of infant independence. Yoo Eun-ho, armed with perfection, appears as a secretary in front of Kang Ji-yoon, who is the CEO of a popular headhunter company but has nothing to do alone except work, and tells the story of each other growing up.

Lee Joon-hyuk plays Yoo Eun-ho, who has a warm visual, solid muscles, and a fantastic suit fit. Yoo Eun-ho is a single daddy who raises a 6-year-old daughter as a person who coexists with firmness and softness.

In fact, Lee Joon-hyuk has a desire for romance works, but his relationship with romance movies has not been deep. tvN’s “To You Who Forget Poetry,” which ended in May 2018, is Lee Joon-hyuk’s last romance.

Earlier in June, when Lee Joon-hyuk appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” there were many complaints from fans asking him to film a romantic comedy. I think it would be perfect now. When Yoo Jae-seok said, “He is very handsome,” he also expressed a humble attitude, saying, “Investors should challenge him because romance is usually led by all the main characters.”

In addition, in a recent interview with the movie “Criminal City 3,” he said romance acting is “difficult,” adding, “The main characters in the romance genre are so cool.” “I wonder if the production company will give me the courage to cast me because the main character takes a lot of pressure,” he said.

Therefore, I am already looking forward to what new charm Lee Joon-hyuk, who is challenging romance movies for the first time in a long time through “Saying hello,” will make viewers excited.

Lee Joon-hyuk, who perfectly played the villain character as Joo Sung-chul, the mastermind behind the new drug crime case in the movie “Criminal City 3” released in May, is set to release the Disney+ original drama “Vigilante” based on the webtoon of the same name. “Vigilante” is an action thriller about Kim Ji-yong, who is a model police college student who defends the law during the day, but lives as “Vigilante,” who directly judges criminals who escaped the law at night, and people with different purposes around him. In addition to Lee Joon-hyuk, Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ji-tae, and Kim So-jin will appear.

In addition, Lee Joon-hyuk is positively considering a special appearance in the new drama “Plaza.” He is known to have been offered a role as a brother with So Ji-sub

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