Lee Jaeeun bragged about her newborn daughter

Lee Jaeeun bragged about her newborn daughter, who gave birth at the age of 43, “I’m going crazy “Because you’re so cute”

Lee Jaeeun

Lee Jaeeun bragged about her newborn daughter.

Actor Lee Jae-eun said on the 2nd, “Ta-da! Arab Star! Princess Taeri-sur-Nap-Chong! My heart stopped! Because of you, Micho! Kim Tae-ri~~ Gasna that is bad for your heart~~~ I love you so much!” along with a number of certified photos containing the recent situation were released.

The released photo shows Lee Jae-eun’s daughter at a postpartum care center, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-eun debuted as a child actor at the age of seven and won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best New Actress for the film “Yellow Hair” in 1999, and was loved by many for the sitcom “Nonstop” and the drama “Mermaid.”

In addition, Lee Jae-eun married in 2006 but divorced in 2017, 11 years later, and recently announced the news on YouTube channels and broadcasts. She announced her second marriage and pregnancy at the same time and was born on the 21st.

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