Lee Jae-sung scored his third goal of the season, and Mainz lost to

Lee Jae-sung scored his third goal of the season, and Mainz lost to Dortmund.

Lee Jae-sung (31) of Mainz in the German Bundesliga scored his third goal of the season. The team was sadly defeated.

Lee Jae-sung scored the first goal in a match against Dortmund in the Bundesliga in the 2022-2023 season at Meva Arena in Mainz, Germany, on the 25th. Lee Jae-sung shook the net in the 2nd minute of the first half by connecting the ball raised by Edmillson Fernandez with a header. It was a sensible shot that only slightly changed the direction. Lee Jae-sung scored his third goal of the season in about three months since the match against Werder Bremen in October last year.

Lee Jae-sung

Lee Jae-sung, who started the day, showed active movement until he was replaced in the 18th minute of the second half. He made an offensive path through a simple ball touch in the midfield, and was also active in defense. He recorded one ball competition victory and 46 ball touches.

Despite Lee Jae-sung’s performance, his team Mainz lost by coming from behind with two goals. Two minutes after scoring the first goal, Mainz allowed a tie as Julian Ryerson’s mid-range shot deflected off Fernandez’s foot.

Mainz led the game well by blocking Dortmund’s offensive after allowing an equalizer, but failed to withstand extra time in the second half. Dortmund made a turnaround when Giovanni Reina pushed the ball turned by Sebastian Alle in a corner kick just before the end of the game. As the game ended, Mainz was defeated.

Mainz finished 12th with a sixth loss (5 wins and 5 draws). Dortmund, which added three points, rose to fifth place with 10 wins, one draw, six losses, and 31 points. Mainz manager Martin Schmidt said, “We were able to record a draw and deserved to win,” adding, “It’s a disappointing game.” 파워볼게임

Freiburg, where Jung Woo-young was absent, fell to sixth place in the league with a 1-1 draw against Einracht Frankfurt. Freiburg, which suffered a 0-6 defeat to Wolfsburg in the previous game, showed good performance by launching an offensive against Frankfurt, but failed to catch the game. Freiburg’s Jung Woo-young was included in the substitute list but failed to take the ground.

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