Lee Chun-soo said, “Didn’t you get cheated?” [‘Save Man’]

Lee Chun-soo said, “Didn’t you get cheated?” [‘Save Man’]

Lee Chun-soo

KBS 2TV’s “Men Who Live” Season 2 (hereinafter referred to as “Saving Man 2”) depicts the story of Lee Chun-soo, who supports his mother’s dream of becoming a singer.

In a recent recording, Lee Chun-soo was surprised by his mother’s sudden bombshell announcement that he would release a record when he went to eat with his parents, and his father dissuaded him, saying, “People are laughing.”

However, her mother, who had wanted to become a singer since she was young, did not break her will, saying, “I have never dreamed of becoming a singer due to my father’s opposition, so I want to go on stage even now.”

Worried that it might be a scam, Lee Chun-soo and Shim Ha-eun visited a singing teacher who was making a record, and Lee Chun-soo, who was amazed by the song his mother even wrote the lyrics, even prepared a stage glitter costume and gave full support.

Chun-soo later visited Tae Jin-ah, the “trot godfather,” to get accurate advice from experts. At first, Tae Jin-ah welcomed her mother with a smile on her face, but her expression suddenly hardened when she heard her mother’s song. Indeed, attention is being paid to how Tae Jin-ah evaluated her mother’s song and whether her mother’s dream of becoming a late singer can come true.

It will air at 9:20 p.m. on the 7th. An episode of the housekeeping men raises questions about what the fun will be like on the 7th.

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