Lee Bo-young, Jeon Do-yeon, and Lee Sun-kyun, a weekend

Lee Bo-young, Jeon Do-yeon, and Lee Sun-kyun, a weekend drama, are in a serious mood.

Song Joong-ki’s “The Youngest Son of a Jaebeol House” and Kim Hye-soo’s “Shrupp,” who hit the jackpot, left, and the weekend drama Spring and Autumn Warring States Period was held again.

Lee Bo-young

The momentum of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Agent,” tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “One Hit Scandal,” TV Chosun weekend mini-series “Red Balloon,” and SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Beop Tran,” which airs in the afternoon of the weekend, is alarming.

First of all, the success of the “agent” is most noticeable. According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings research company, “Agent” starring Lee Bo-young (directed by Lee Chang-min/written by Song Soo-han), which aired on January 29, recorded 12% of the nation’s paid households, breaking its own highest ratings, and soaring to 13.5%. The agency, which took its first step with a 4.797% rating under the pressure of a follow-up to the “The Youngest Son of a Rebellion House” on January 7, took over the weekend drama market with a cool double-digit score in eight episodes.

Although it is not a simultaneous competition with the agency, the momentum of “One Hit Scandal” (directed by Yoo Je-won/script by Yang Hee-seung) starring Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho is also alarming. The sixth episode of “One Hit Scandal,” which aired on January 29, averaged 11% and up to 11.8% based on paid platforms nationwide, surpassing its own record. Starting with 4.044% on January 14, “One Hit Scandal” more than doubled its ratings in six episodes of the show after a dramatic rise as the romance between Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho began in earnest. Considering that the previous work, “The Twilight: Light and Shadow,” ended at 9.651%, it can be inferred that the “one hit scandal” momentum is considerable from the beginning.

“Red Balloon” (written by Moon Young-nam/directed by Jin Hyung-wook), which drew attention due to the meeting between Seo Ji-hye and the godmother Moon Young-nam, has also formed a thick fan base from the beginning and is coming up scary. The 12th episode, which aired on January 29, once again broke its own highest ratings, soaring to 7.9% of Nielsen Korea’s national ratings and 8.9% of the highest ratings per minute. After recording 3.742% of the first broadcast on December 17 last year, “Red Balloon” has consistently shown a 6-7% rating, and has reached nearly 8% in the 12th episode, exceeding 10%.

While non-commercial dramas are gaining popularity, the propaganda of “Beol-chan” stands out on terrestrial channels. The sluggish “Beop Tran” starring Lee Sun-kyun (script by Lee Won-seok/director Lee Won-tae) also began to gain firepower in the second half. After announcing a smooth start with a nationwide rating of 8.7% on January 6, the 12-part “Law Tran” remained in single-digit ratings amid the development of sweet potatoes. Then, the ratings for the seventh episode, which aired on January 27, quickly emerged as a dark horse in the Friday-Saturday drama, recording its own highest 11.1%. The eighth episode, which aired the next day, fell slightly and recorded 10.7%, but maintained double-digit ratings for two consecutive days, raising expectations for a last-minute spurt.

KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “Three Siblings Bravely,” which guarantees a basic audience rating of 20%, is very sluggish for KBS’ weekend drama performance, failing to reach 30% despite entering the second half, but it succeeded in breaking its own highest ratings as the 37th episode aired on January 29th recorded 26.3% nationwide. It is also still showing off the highest ratings in the weekend drama market.

Meanwhile, MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “The Season of the Puppet,” which was unveiled on January 27, showed sluggish performance. In the first episode, he recorded a nationwide rating of 4.8%, but in the second episode, he was only 2.2%, leaving a disappointment.

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