[LCK CL] T1, show off overwhelming performance

[LCK CL] T1, show off overwhelming performance and beat Hanwha Insurance.

T1, which showed perfect harmony of offense and defense, won the game with its strong operation. 안전놀이터

The LCK Challengers League Summer Split, which was held online on the 3rd, was held in one game on the 9th week.

He beat Hanwha Life’s e-Sports with his excellent performance and recorded his fifth win.

Earlier in the game, T1’s trundles intervened in the lower part of the game, forcing Varus into a three-man force.

He scored his first kill point, but immediately afterwards, Hanwha Life also knocked down Okong in the upper area.

After one battle between the two teams in the center, T1 monopolized the first dragon and the messenger.

Trundles in the jungle scored a double kill and summoned messengers to the central area.

T1 also took the eyes of the second messenger and summoned him back to the central area to demolish the first tower.

Despite his opponent’s checks, he built three dragon stacks without much difficulty and pressured his opponents from all over the world.

At the beginning of the all-out war, when T1 started in the central region, Hanwha Life seemed to be falling behind, but Oriana was not.

He eliminated the thrush, pushed the opponent away, caught the fourth dragon, and blocked the opponent’s fourth dragon.

Flinched by the opponent’s counterattack, T1 drew the opponent toward Baron and turned it into a battle.

At the end of the chase, he scored four kills and put on a baron buff. T1 adds kill with additional strike.

Hanwha’s aim was blocked one by one, and T1 also took the spirit of the Earth Dragon.

Three kills in a rear assault on T1 during a central area skirmish, then head straight into the opponent’s base.

He destroyed Nexus by stamping down the last resistance.

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