KT Rolster ‘shocked’ by delivering a box of weapons at the front desk

KT Rolster ‘shocked’ by delivering a box of weapons at the front desk

KT Rolster

The act of sending a picture of a weapon to the KT Rolster team and the front desk or delivering a box containing a weapon to the practice room is shocking.

Kt announced on its SNS on the 18th that while monitoring the rights and interests of kt Rolster players and coaching staff recently, it found a number of socially unacceptable violations beyond simple expression of opinions as an e-sports fan.

The case revealed by KT is shocking in the e-sports scene. According to KT, there were serious levels of abuse and criticism toward the team, dissemination of false information that had not been confirmed, sending a picture of the weapon to the player/manager/front, and delivering a box containing the weapon to the practice room.

“These acts can be defamation (Article 70 of the Information and Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act), insults (Article 311 of the Criminal Act), and special threats (Article 284 of the Criminal Act),” KT said. “Some fans complain of pain and anxiety, which is feared to have a negative impact on many fans who love KT and e-sports.

Finally, kt said, “I ask you to pay attention to this,” and stressed, “We plan to review more active measures if the infringement of the rights of the team continues in the future.”

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