Kim Sung-eun a minor was worried about losing her image

Kim Sung-eun a minor was worried about losing her image after six hours of nose surgery but she was satisfied

Kim Sung-eun

Actress Kim Sung-eun revealed the process of re-surgery for nose plastic surgery.

On the 22nd, Kim Sung-eun posted a video titled “Nose Reoperation Day to the Present” on her YouTube channel “Less Than the Level Kim Sung-eun.”

Kim Sung-eun said, “The surgery took about six hours,” adding, “When I opened it, my condition was not good.” Bone fragments were removed and cartilage that had been accumulated was also processed. “He said that he spent a long time setting up the pillar and operating,” he said.

He then talked about pain after surgery. He said, “I deserved to endure while eating Tylenol. The “stirring” pain lasted until the third day. “After three days, it was okay,” he said, adding, “After that, there was another pain that I couldn’t breathe through my nose.” We have to endure this period well,” he said.

He also said, “Before a month, I often look in the mirror and think, ‘I think I’m wrong’ and ‘I think I’m bent.’ I was stressed out too, but time is medicine. Time has solved it,” he said.

Kim Sung-eun said, “It has been about three months since the operation was performed on the day of filming, and it is very natural. “I’m satisfied,” he said. “I was so worried. I don’t like the image changing, I was worried that these familiar faces would lose it, but I think it went well. “It went exactly the angle and line I wanted,” he said after the surgery.

He also revealed the reason for the operation. Kim Sung-eun said, “I’ve also been stressed out for a long time. I thought there would be many people like me who suffered side effects due to inflammatory reactions. I wanted to share positive results with those people

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