Kim Min-kyung, the memory of your younger brother…

Kim Min-kyung, the memory of your younger brother who left the world first…

Kim Min-kyung

Comedian Kim Min-kyung missed her brother who passed away.

Kim Min-kyung said on the 26th, “What words should I write? My beloved Hyun-joo bravely published Seo-hoo’s story in a book, he said. “Seo-hoo is Hyun-joo’s son and our son.”

He said, “It was so hard to turn over the first page. I couldn’t see the letters because I was already full of tears. But I was so curious about Hyun-joo and Seo-hoo’s story. I thought I knew, but through the book, the deep stories of my heart that I didn’t know, my mother was strong. “No, I had to be strong because I was a mother.”

“In fact, it is not easy for me to talk about my brother Byung-soo yet. Just the mention of the name makes me cry and I miss it. So Hyun-joo said, “I’m more proud and cool,” and missed my younger brother who passed away first.

In addition, Kim Minkyung said, “I want to give courage and strength by telling the story of Seo-hoo to people.” Seo-hoo and Hyun-joo, who give good influence. I respect you. Seo Hoo, I love you. I miss you. “Hyunjoo, you were the coolest mother ever.”

Kim Min-kyung received a younger brother award in 2019, causing regret.

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