Kim Ha-sung won 7-4 against SD Washington after six home runs

Kim Ha-sung won 7-4 against SD Washington after six home runs three strikeouts and one hit

Kim Ha-sung

Yogi Berra is widely known in Korea as a saying that “It’s not over, till it’s over.”

Vera also coined the term “yogiism” as a strange word that tilts its head. He was a famous catcher who won the MVP award three times. The World Series ring lacks two fingers. Including players and coaches, it is the largest number ever with 13. Another famous quote from Vera is “Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.”

Golf is also an event dominated by mental factors as much as baseball in sports. Baseball has a stronger natural enemy relationship than other sports. In particular, baseball is an event in which traded players play a prominent role against their home teams. This is also mental.

The San Diego Padres beat the home team Nationals 7-4 at Washington, DC National Park on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) and won consecutive games in 15 games since the 7th. It is the first time for him to score seven points in two consecutive games. 22 wins and 26 losses in the season.

The game between the two teams was divided by home runs. The Padres hit four and the Nationals hit two. The Padres took a 3-0 lead in the top of the first inning with Xander Bogartz’s seventh two-run home run of the season and Brandon Dixon’s home run in the fourth inning. However, the Nationals also fired a two-run shot by CJ Abrams in the fifth inning. Season 5. Even Lane Thomas hit his seventh solo home run of the season from starter darvish yu, tying 3-3.

Abrams was a promising player from the Padres during the National’s Juan Soto trade on August 3 last year. Starting pitcher Mackenzie Gore also changed his national uniform with the trade. Gore is the left-hander selected by the Padres in 2017 as the third overall in the first round.

Soto responded this time when Abrams hit a home run that set the stage for a tie against his former Padres. He hit a solo shot in the seventh inning with a narrow 4-3 lead and threw a dagger at the national fans. It is Soto’s ninth home run of the season, the most in the team. Starter Gore failed to fill the fifth inning with seven hits, four walks and three runs in 4.2 innings against the Padres batter 토토사이트

Third baseman Kim Ha-sung was adjusted to the second batter because he was a left-handed starter. However, after recording no hits, including one strikeout in the previous four at-bats, he took the lead in the last at-bat in the eighth inning and got a right-handed hit. His batting average dropped to 0.235. Starter Darvish marked three wins and three losses of the season with six hits (two home runs), one walk, four strikeouts and three runs in six innings

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