Kim Chae-eun appeared in “Model Taxi 2”..The Strongest Villain

Kim Chae-eun appeared in “Model Taxi 2”..The Strongest Villain Club MD ‘Windy’ Transformation

Kim Chae-eun

Actor Kim Chae-eun will appear as Windy in “Best Taxi 2” and play the role of the strongest villain.

SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Model Taxi 2” (written by Oh Sang-ho and produced by Heresy Studio S, Group A) is a private revenge drama in which the veiled taxi company Rainbow Transport and taxi driver Kim Do-ki complete revenge on behalf of the unjust victim.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the “Model Taxi” series stands tall as a hit IP, ranking fourth in SBS’s history of Friday-Saturday dramas, based on the unprecedented concept of a taxi driver hunting villains.

Kim Chae-eun played the role of villain ‘Windy’ in the 11th episode. “Windy,” a famous club female MD (sales staff), is a character who commits evil acts without guilt and is the strongest villain who does all the bad things that make money. Kim Chae-eun will be active in “Model Taxi 2” with her immersive acting and colorful fashion digestion.

Actor Kim Chae-eun, who transforms into a new character through this work, showed fashion such as a tight top and short pants as she played the role of club MD, and even though it was a somewhat exposed outfit, she showed a slim body without any fat, enhancing the completeness of the character. In particular, he gave off a strong presence with his solid acting skills, creating a new villain character.

Actor Kim Chae-eun’s immersive acting and colorful fashion digestion are expected to show her performance in “Model Taxi 2.”

Meanwhile, Kim Chae-eun recently proved her wide acting spectrum with her perfect character digestion in each work through “Agency,” “Surviving as a Celebrity Manager,” and “The Great Operation Seoul.”

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