Kia EV6 Long Range GT-Line 4WD Test Drive

Kia EV6 Long Range GT-Line 4WD Test Drive

Kia EV6

It was surprising. Like the relationship between Sonata and K5, Ionic 5 and EV6 thought they were twins with similar personalities. The difference was bigger than expected. Although it uses the same E-GMP platform, its direction was completely different.

Journalist Kang Joon-ki
Photo by Kia, Kang Joon-ki

‘It doesn’t go as far as I thought?’ When Ionic 5 first came out, I expected an overwhelming ride over Kona Electric. However, driving distance of 429 kilometers based on long range 2WD was somewhat disappointing. Consumers use enough mileage as an indicator when judging ‘good electric vehicles’. On the other hand, EV6 is based on 475 kilometers in Korea and 528 kilometers in Europe. It can compete with Tesla Model 3.

He arrived at the EV6 test drive site in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, full of anticipation. Today is the first time for another reporter to attend the new car presentation and see EV6 in person.

Design also plays a part in saying that the personality is completely different from that of Ionic 5. If the Ionic 5 puts square style on the straight line, the EV6 puts a voluminous positive vibe on the curve. The low-lying body, voluminous fender, and tail lamp, which also serves as a rear spoiler, show off a unique presence. The test-drive I was assigned to is a red GT-line, with a high-performance atmosphere inside and outside.

The length, width, and height of EV6 are 4,695 x 1,890 x 1,545mm, respectively. Compared to the new sportage that appeared recently, it is 35mm long and 25mm wide. The image shows that the EV6 is quite a big car, although it is expected to be about the size of a K3 GT. On the other hand, the height is 115mm lower than the sedan, but it is better to understand that it is higher than the SUV. Wheelbase, which means distance between front and rear wheels, is 2,900mm, which is 85mm longer than Sorento.

While explaining the wheelbase, I want to explain the back seat first. The second row of bridge space is about the size of a mid-size SUV such as Sorento. When a 182cm-tall male adult fits in the front seat and sits in the back, about three fists are in the spare space for his knees. Seat cushions are cozy and have plenty of cushion length. The backrest can also be reclined quite a bit. However, the roof is low, so there is not enough headroom. It is slightly higher than the Stinger’s파워볼사이트

The basic capacity of trunks is 520 liters based on VDA. It can be disappointing if you expect enough trunk space like a mid-size SUV. For your information, the Sonata & K5 is 510L, which is slightly wider than the “modern” mid-sized car. In particular, the angle of the rear window is gentle, so it is impossible to load a large load. Instead, the back seat can be folded 60:40 to make it useful. A family car of a three-person family consisting of a couple and one child is enough.

The front seat is also different from the Ionic 5. I focused on the driver rather than the cool feeling of space. Two-spoke steering wheels with good grip, a towering floating center console, and a dial-type gear lever are good examples. However, it is a bit disappointing in terms of “differentiation.” Curved displays that combine two 12.3-inch monitors and touch-type air conditioning unit panels will be shared with regular Kia lineup. It is regrettable that it would have been better to emphasize the characteristics of exclusive electric vehicle lines that start with the alphabet “EV.”

However, it is noteworthy that it has realized the eco-friendly environment in the material sector, regardless of design. The EV6 is certified as a carbon footprint by the UK Carbon Trust. This is the result of applying about 75 eco-friendly materials to door map pockets and floor mats per car.

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