Keanu Reeves “happiest when I’m in bed with my girlfriend”

Keanu Reeves “happiest when I’m in bed with my girlfriend”

Keanu Reeves

Actor Keanu Reeves, who is well-received for the movie “John Wick 4,” has revealed his sweet daily life with his girlfriend.

On the 28th (local time), the U.S. media People released an interview with Keanu Reeves, the main character of “John Wick 4,” who received the most favorable reviews in the series and announced his splendid return.

Asked about his happiest moment recently, Keanu Reeves said, “It’s the moment I was with my girlfriend a few days ago,” adding, “We were in bed and connected. We were constantly laughing and giggling. It was really nice to be with him,” he recalled. He also shows his sweet side by calling his girlfriend Alexandra Grant “honey.”

Keanu Reeves, 58, has been in a public relationship, starting with Alexandra Grand, 49, attending a fashion show in June 2019. Alexandra Grant is a visual artist who directs painting, sculpture, photography and video. They are known to have been close for many years before dating. Together, the two published two books, “Ode to Happiness” in 2011 and “Shadows” in 2016, and since they became a couple, they have established the publisher X Artists’ Books, catching two rabbits at the same time, work and love. 메이저놀이터

The last time the two appeared together in public was in June last year, when they appeared holding hands at the “2022 MOCA Gala” in Los Angeles, proving their unwavering affection.

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves is in her first public relationship since breaking up with late actor Jennifer Sim. KeanuReeves and Jennifer Sim dated throughout the 90s but broke up over the grief of having a stillborn baby. They were said to have been friends until Jennifer Sim died in a tragic car accident in 2001.

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