Kara made a comeback after 7 years and 6 months. What has changed?

Kara made a comeback after 7 years and 6 months. What has changed?


The expected points of Kara Shinbo were unveiled on November 28.

Kara will release its special album ‘MOVE AGAIN’ on November 29. It is Kara’s new album, which is released about seven and a half years after her seventh mini-album “In Love,” and is attracting a lot of attention from K-pop fans at home and abroad. “MOVE AGAIN” is an album with an ambition to show the cool side of Kara on stage once again. The five members, who celebrated the 15th anniversary of their debut, melted their hearts to their fans throughout the album.

# It’s been 7 years and 6 months since we came back as a whole group

The special album “MOVE AGAIN” is the first album released by Kara, the complete group that joined Nicole and Kang Ji-young after Park Gyu-ri, Han Seung-yeon, and Heo Young-ji. They will not only release the album, but will also appear on music shows, awards ceremonies, and various entertainment programs to meet their fans.

After her debut, Kara has established herself as a representative of the Korean Wave by releasing a number of mega-hit songs such as “Pretty Girl,” “Honey,” “Mr,” “Lupin,” “Jumping” and “STEP.” It holds an unprecedented record, holding a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan for the first time in the history of a K-pop girl group.

The news of Kara’s comeback heated up domestic and foreign online communities and SNS. The number of views on the teaser content uploaded to Kara’s official website and YouTube channel, including the “MOVE AGAIN” moving poster and music video teaser, exceeded 3 million views.

# The addictive title song, “WHEN I MOVE”

The title track “WHEN I MOVE” is an impressive song with an impressive millennial-style arrangement, which combines the powerful vocals of KARA with the rhythm that gets more intense toward the second half. Member Kang Ji-young was named in the composition and composition, and Nicole also participated in Korean lyrics to enhance her completeness.

KARA will present powerful and dynamic KARA’s energetic performance through “WHEN I MOVE.” As it was loved by releasing a series of songs with various point choreography strengths, the new song is also expected to show a high-quality performance with a trendy feeling.

# musical growth

As she was in front of fans after a long time, Kara took the lead in overall album work. The members participated in producing the album as well as working on the song.

In particular, all members of the first track “Happy Hour” will participate in the lyrics work, giving a deep impression and lingering impression with a sincere message to fans. In addition, Nicole’s songs “Shout It Out” and Kang Ji-young’s work on “Oxygen” demonstrate musical growth.

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