Kakao Games participates in a 26 billion won win-win fund

Kakao Games participates in a 26 billion won win-win fund

Kakao Games

KakaoGames (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) announced on the 17th that it will support domestic indie game developers with a total of 26 billion won worth of “Let’s Come Together Kakao Games Win-win Fund” to create a healthy game ecosystem and co-prosperity.

KakaoGames plans to participate in the “Let’s Come Together KakaoGames Win-Win Fund” run by Kona Venture Partners to generously invest and support small and indie game developers in Korea who are preparing to enter the global market with high development potential.

The fund plans to actively reflect investment selection of early game developers within 3 years of establishing ▲ and with annual sales of less than 2 billion won, game developers in the early stages of production before the ▲ test, and developers preparing to enter the global market. The fund can be applied through the business area page on the KakaoGames website.

Investor discovery and decisions will be made in line with investment standards, and Kakao Games will seek various ways to collaborate with KakaoGames in a differentiated way for investors. 안전놀이터

Cho Gye-hyun, CEO of KakaoGames, said, “This win-win fund is part of the win-win plan for the Kakao Community and aims at sustainable growth with society. Based on what Kakao Games can do well, we will do our best to revitalize the game market.”

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