Juventus to Stop Selling Paulo Dybala Uniforms

Juventus to Stop Selling Paulo Dybala Uniforms

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala (29) and Juventus’ long companion met a bitter finish.

Britain’s “The Sun” said on the 19th (Korea Standard Time), “The official Juventus store pulled Dybala’s uniform off the sales shelves. “I’m about to move to Inter Milan, Juventus’ archrival,” he said.

Dybala will wrap up his seven-year relationship with Juventus this summer. He has been wearing a Juventus uniform since 2015, but he fails to renew his contract and leaves the team. Dybala shed tears against Lazio, saying this was his last home game for Juventus.

But Dybala’s next destination shocked Juventus fans. He is now set to move to rival Inter Milan. Dybala had already spoken to Inter Milan Vice Chairman Javier Sanetti earlier this month.

Juventus is also quickly preparing for a breakup with Dybala. Juventus have already stopped selling Dybala’s No. 10 uniform.

On the other hand, similarly, Federico Bernardeski, Giorgio Kielini and Alvaro Morata shirts, whose contracts expire at the end of this month, are still on sale. Regardless of the expiration of the contract, only Dybala uniforms were excluded from the sale.

Local media in Italy suggested Dybala’s trip to Inter Milan. Football Italy pointed out that Juventus fans and Juventus clubs must have felt betrayed by Dybala’s decision. It also added speculation that it was to quickly give Paul Pogba his number 10, who is about to return 안전놀이터

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