Jungwoo Ha Temporary Climbing 1947 Boston

Jungwoo Ha Temporary Climbing 1947 Boston

Jungwoo Ha

Video of the production of the movie ‘1947 Boston’ has been released.

The video of the production machine released on the 11th adds meaning to the process of reproducing the heartbreaking journey of the first national marathoners on the screen. Immediately after liberation, in 1947, a movie-like story was reborn under the direction of director Kang Je-gyu, who ran and ran to promote independence for the world. Director Kang Je-kyu, who is trusted by actors and production staff, will fully demonstrate the veteran director’s worth through “1947 Boston.”

Jang Won-seok, CEO of the production company, said that he considered the real person and synchronization the most as it is a true story, and after considering “an actor who can draw a character called ‘Son Ki-jung’ with flexibility,” he was the first to suggest a Jungwoo Ha who resembles Son Ki-jung from appearance to personality.

Shim Si-wan, who plays Seo Yoon-bok, who dreams of becoming the second Son Kee-chung, said he worked hard to be seen as a real person by digesting up to 6-70% of the actual marathoner’s training volume, raising curiosity.

Finally, the struggle of the art team and the CG team to reproduce Seoul and Boston in 1947 is drawing attention according to director Kang Je-kyu’s intention that he paid the most attention to reality. In addition to finding old buildings all over the country and capturing them on camera, about four months of work were carried out, from preparation to filming, mainly in Melbourne, Australia, to realize the course of the Boston Marathon. The vivid visuals completed by the production team will lead the audience to the day of glory in 1947.

Director Kang Je-kyu is expected to return to the sports film “1947 Boston,” which deals with the first true story of the national team. 1947 Boston tells the story of marathoners’ challenges and heartbreaking journey to compete in international competitions under the Taegeuk mark for the first time since liberation in 1947.

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